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Friday, 10 April 2015

My Transportation in Bangkok: Bangkok Mass Transit System (BTS), Taxi and MRT Station

Map for BTS and MRT Station

Before went to Thailand, I had found a Transportation Line Map in Bangkok (picture as below) through Facebook Page. It will easy for me to know which station that I need to reach in order to go that places. In this post, I also will refer this map to explain for my transportation line

Picture credit

Chit Lom Station

Chit Lom Station is near with The Berkeley Hotel so we always go there to start our adventure. Inside of Skytrain has a small TV hanging there with many advertisements for you to see when wait for your station arrives. When the Skytrain arrive one station, it will display in the TV so you will not worry that you will miss out your station. 

Ticket Office

Ticket office usually allows you to change your money into coin that for you to use in ticket machine. Sometimes, you can direct purchase ticket at ticket office.

Ticketing Machine

Everyone are using ticketing machine to buy ticket. On the ticketing machine has instruction or step to use it. The steps to use it are select fare >> insert coin >> take ticket >> take change.

If you change the coin in ticket office, the ticketing staff will help you to calculate the fare that you need to pay. If not, you just refer the picture which as below for your reference:-

The fares are calculated base on the station that you will pass by before reach the station that you want.

BTS Ticket

In Bangkok, we just bought single journey ticket as we just took BTS Skytrain for 1 day while the next day, we walked to Siam Mall.  At the back side of BTS ticket has transportation line which you can refer when you in the Skytrain. 

05 July 2014 (Saturday)

Breakfast at Buddy Restaurant (Restaurant in Ananta Burin Resort) >> Krabi International Airport >> Dong Muang Airport Bangkok >> The Berkeley Hotel >> Lunch at Platinum food stall (Road side) >> Platinum Fashion Mall >> Asiatique The Riverfront >> Dinner at Asiatique- Nan Yuan Noodle >> The Berkeley Hotel

Ananta Burin Resort >> Krabi International Airport

Ananta Burin Resort has airport transfer service so the staff of resort fetches us to Krabi International Airport.

Dong Muang Airport Bangkok >> The Berkeley Hotel

In Dong Muang Airport, we had taken a taxi to The Berkeley Hotel. Before you go in the taxi, the airport staff will give you an airport public taxi ticket. The taxi fare is charged as shown on meter plus 50 Baht surcharge (for taxi driver only). In the ticket has mentioned that passenger has to pay for toll/express way fees, luckily that on the way to hotel, we did not meet with any toll/express way.

At the back of the airport public taxi ticket is a complaint forms that if you did not satisfy with the taxi service, you can make your complaint. The complaint included overcharged fare metered rate, switch of the metered, drop off passengers before reaching destination and others that for you to fill in if your complaints is not the first three on forms. By seeing the complaint form, my friends and I were relieved as the taxi driver will not overcharged the taxi fares.   

Platinum Fashion Mall >> Asiatique The Riverfront >> The Berkeley Hotel

After check in hotel, we walked to Platinum road side to search for lunch. After that, we directly went to Platinum Fashion Mall for shopping. In Platinum Fashion Mall, I had seen many people take the luggage for storing their shopping haul. Around few hours in Platinum Fashion Mall, it’s time for us went to Asiatique.

The line that we supposed to go for arrive Asiatique

Chit Lom >> Siam (transfer to Silom line) >> National Stadium >> Ratchadamri >> Sala Daeng >> Chong Nonsi >> Surasak >> Saphan Tasksin

The line as below that we had go for Aisatique (we had go to different direction of station) *Wrong*

Chit Lom >> Phloen Chit >> Nana >> Pjloen Chit >> Chit Lom >> Siam (transfer to Silom line) >> National Stadium >> Ratchadamri >> Sala Daeng >> Chong Nonsi >> Surasak >> Saphan Tasksin

Form Chit Lom station to Saphan Taksin station, we paid for 37 Baht per person. After we purchased ticket, we had gone to arrival hall to wait for the skytrain. When we in the skytrain and it arrive to Pjleon Chit station, we just realized that we had taken the wrong skytrain. We supposed to take the skytrain that go to Mo Chit station direction but we took the skytrain that go to Bearing station direction.

Then, we stopped by Nana station and went back to Chim Lom station. Taking wrong direction of skytrain made me think of I also met with this problem in KL with my cousin before.

When interchange to Silom line, we need to go down from skytrain and take another skytrain to reach Saphan Tasksin station.

When arrived at Saphan Tasksin station, you will see a board to guide you to Asiatique. Asiatique has free shuttle boat takes you from station. The boat operates at 4.00 p.m. to 11.30 p.m.

When we back from Asiatique, we took the skytrain from the direction to National Stadium station. At interchange Silom line, the skytrain will open another door then we went out from there and will reach Chit Lom station. The line that we go to Chit Lom station which as below:-

Saphan Taksin >> Surasak >> Chong Nonsi >> Sala Daeng >> Ratchadamri >> Siam (transfer to Sukhumvit line) >> Chit Lom

After came out from skytrain, we use skywalk to walk for some distance and followed by walk on road to The Berkeley Hotel.

06 July 2014 (Sunday)

The Berkeley Hotel >> Chatuchak Weekend Market (breakfast & shopping) >> Esplanade Shopping Mall (Art in Paradise 3D) >> Lunch at Esplanade Shopping Mall (McDonald) >>Terminal 21 >> Dinner at Pratunam Chicken Rice Shop >> The Berkeley Hotel

The Berkeley Hotel >> Chatuchak Weekend Market

Chit Lom >> Ratchaynewi >> Phaya Thai >> Victory Monument >> Sanam Pao >> Ari >> Saphab Khwaj >> Mo Chit

The next day, we took BTS skytrain to Mo Chit station. When we came out from skytrain, we just follow with skywalk and walked down to Chatuchak Weekend Market.

Chatuchak Weekend Market >> Esplanade Shopping Mall (Art in Paradise 3D)

After breakfast and shop in Chatuchak Weekend Market, it’s time for us go to Art in Paradise 3D. This time, we need to take MRT in order to reach Esplanade Shopping Mall. The MRT Line which as below:-

Kamphaeng Phet >> Chatuchak Park >> Phahon Yothin >> Lat Phrao >> Ratchadapisek >> Sutthisan >> Huai Khwang >> Thailand Culture Centre (Exit no.3)

Remember to take the skytrain that “To Hua Lamphong” way in order to reach Thailand Culture Centre station. If not, you will reach Bang Sue station.

In Chatuchak Weekend Market, we were at Kamphaeng Phet station which near with toilet. You can refer the Bangkok Transport Route Map to double confirm the station that you want to go.

By MRT, we purchase token instead of ticket at Ticket Office. From Kamphaeng Phet station to Thailand Culture Centre station cost us 116 Baht for 4 persons.

Inside of train also has a map for you to see, which station that you need to come out from train.

When at Thailand Culture Centre station, I had seen 3D art under renovation. Next time perhaps can take picture with 3D art first before go to Art in Paradise.

When you came out from Thailand Culture Centre station, you can see Esplanade Shopping Mall just near with MRT station.

Esplanade Shopping Mall (Art in Paradise 3D) >> Terminal 21

After spended few hours in Art in Paradise, it’s time for us to Terminal 21. My MRT line to Terminal 21 which as below:-

Thailand Culture Centre >> Phra Ram9 >> Phetchaburi >> Sukhumvit (Exit no. 3)

From Thailand Culture Centre to Sukhumvit station cost us 80 Baht for 4 persons. When you came out from station, you also will spot Terminal 21 at there.

Terminal 21>> The Berkeley Hotel

When finished taking picture in Terminal 21, we need go back to hotel for a bath.  In order to reach Chit Lom station, we need to take BTS line which as below:-

Asok >> Nana >> Pjloen Chit >> Chit Lom

From Asok station to Chit Lom station, it cost us 25 Baht per person.

07 July 2014 (Monday)

The Berkeley Hotel >> Breakfast at Siam Center (Food Republic) >> Siam Discovery (Madame Tussauds) >> MBK Centre >> Siam Paragon (Ocean World) >> Dinner Thai Food >> The Berkeley Hotel

The Berkeley Hotel >> Siam Center >> Siam Discovery >> MBK Centre >> Siam Paragon >> The Berkeley Hotel

From The Berkeley Hotel, we walked to Siam Center. It has a skywalk that can reach for Siam Mall so on skywalk, we just go straight and will see many Siam Mall under the skywalk.

By referring the map as below, you can see that Siam Mall is very near with each other.

Near with Siam Paragon has a tourist counter that you can take the 20% discount voucher for entrance fee to Madame Tussauds and Ocean World.

Between Siam Discovery and Siam Center has a connection walk that can link with each other. It means that by go to the connection walk from Siam Discovery, you will directly arrive Siam Center. The connections walk at one of the floor of the mall where you can ask for the security guard for a help. If I not mistake, Mr. P shop or Starbuck in Siam Discovery has a connection walk.

08 July 2014 (Tuesday)

The Berkeley Hotel >> Dong Muang Airport Bangkok >> KLIA 2 >> Kota Kinabalu

The Berkeley Hotel >> Dong Muang Airport Bangkok

Around 4 a.m., we had taken taxi to airport that book from hotel. The taxi did not charge extra fee for us as we need take the taxi in the early of the morning.

Around 45 minutes, we had arrived airport safety without any traffic jams. We had paid for 700 Baht to taxi driver to fetch us to airport.

That all for my transportation story in Bangkok and I hope that I will not having any mistake for all those station as when write for this post, some of that, I not quite sure about it. If you spotted any mistake, do tell me.

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