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Friday, 24 April 2015

Random in Miri: Crocodile Farm & Paragon Food Court

3 Jan 2015

Crocodile Farm cum Mini Zoo

This crocodile farm located quite far from town and local seldom go there so Stephanie (taxi driver) had lost when she wanted took us to there. Luckily, finally she still found the crocodile farm.

We did not visit the crocodile farm but we just took some pictures at the front of crocodile farm’s entrance. The view at here is so beautiful.

At the front of crocodile farm has a wish pool that you can make a wish at here.

Crocodile farm is very suitable for family visit because beside crocodile, you also can see some animals like horse, bear and so on. According to the board, you even can take picture with baby bear and python.

The mascot for crocodile farm, everybody should take a photo with it.

Beside wish pool, it has a horse at the front of crocodile farm’s entrance. I did not dare to take a close picture with the horse as I scared that it suddenly become angry and hit me. Haha..

By looking with this drawing map, inside of crocodile farm is big and many things that can be seen around. I think by visiting this crocodile farm, it will use up to 2-3 hours for it.

Accoding to Deekuntum blog, the ticket for Malaysian adult is RM 18 and children are RM 9 while Non Malaysian adult is RM 25 and children are RM 15.

Crocodile Farm cum Mini Zoo
Lot 164, 24Km Miri- Kuala Baram Road,
98000 Miri, Sarawak,
Tel: +6 085 604 108
Opening Hour:  9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. (everyday)

Paragon Food Court

After visiting Crocodile Farm, Stephanie had brought us to Paragon Food Court for lunch. At here has many food stalls for you to choose for. This food court is near with Paragon Lutong Hotel.

I had ordered Kuching Tomato noodle that cost me RM 5.00. The taste of this noodle quite same with the noodle that I eat at S2 Café.

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