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Thursday, 8 January 2015

Platinum Food Stall (Road Side)

05 July 2014 (Saturday)

After done with check in in The Berkeley Hotel, we went out to search for lunch. On the way, we had seen many food stalls so we planned to walk and eat.

This BBQ meat (I forget is chicken or pork) is so juicy. It some like satay in Malaysia that the meat on bamboo stick.

This is some like Keropok Lekor or cracker snack in Malaysia. It has some sauce for us to eat with this snack. Besides the Keropok Lekor (I did not know what it call in Thailand), we also bought small sausages.

When walked, we had seen many people stand in front of this stall so we also stopped and ordered food from here. The lady boss was so busy in pack the food to customer while boss was busy in frying.

First, we had brought spring roll from here. When you purchase anything from this stall, the lady boss will give you some vegetable with the food. Except cucumber, we did not know what the leaves vegetable call and how to eat so we just put aside the vegetable. Many people take away this dish so we also cannot see how other eats with this vegetable.

After finished ate with spring roll, we also ordered for fish cake. We ate this fish cake with the sauce which is a perfect combination.

Crispy Crepe or Khanom Bueang is a Thai dessert.  It is topped with coconut cream. Besides coconut cream, it has yellow and orange toppings that yellow taste sweet while orange taste salty. The crispy crepe that we brought did not crispy at all because it had been packed and not fresh from bake.

Besides food, we also brought drinks as it was too hot. This drink has “frog egg” that some like seeds inside of the drink.

I also had brought sweet potato fried at the food stall. It nothing different compare with Malaysia.

Last, I was so missing with the food in Thailand and hope that can come again to search for food at food stall. It has so many that I did not try for.

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