Sunday, 29 December 2013

Labuan >> Kuala Lumpur >> Labuan: Flight with Air Asia

Labuan >> Kuala Lumpur

3 November 2013 (Sunday): 1035- 1300: AK 5177

Around 10.00 a.m., my mum had sent me to Airport to meet up with my cousins. My mum was sent me to arrival hall and let me go by self. That time, I also blur until my cousin called me and said that she was waiting me at departure hall then I realize that my mum had sent me to the wrong hall and I need to go up to departure hall by take escalator.

Main source: Google Image & edited by me
In flight, I had found out that the uniform for Air Asia Team was on casual wear. I thought that maybe today is Deepavali holiday so they can wear collar T-shirt with jeans. We sat with an Indian lady while her husband also sat same row with she but separate by walking lane.  

When arrived at airport, we had gone to toilet. The toilet was full of people and everyone queue up with the first come first in base that made me think of OneFm (Local radio station) as it always promote queue up with first come first in base. 

At my place, usually people queue up in front of toilet door so you can see that in front of all toilet doors had been queue up by someone and for who is queue up at right toilet door then she can go in the toilet very fast when the person come out while for who is less lucky that if the person in toilet has stomach ache that took long times to come out and she need to wait for more longer time.

After came out from toilet, we went to get the map at Information Counter near with LCCT Emporium. After that, my cousin’s friends fetch us to eat lunch. While lunch, my cousin’s friends had advised us to be careful in KL as both of us are girls and KL is a quite dangerous place as many cases of snatch happen. The advice that they give to us is don’t talk on phone while walking besides road as it will be a target for motorcyclist to snatch us and all your important things should put inside pocket instead of in bag.

Pic source: Semerbak
After lunch, my cousin’s friends had sent us to Mangga Hotel. During our way to Mangga Hotel, I had found out that in KL had many Petron Petrol Stations as at my place there only has 1 Esso Petrol Station while Shell Petrol Station seem not popular in KL but at my place is one of the popular petrol station. Flat also can be seen at everywhere in KL.

Kuala Lumpur >> Labuan

6 November 2013 (Wednesday): 1530-1755: AK 5172

We went to airport by taxi. As my cousin had brought too many things so she planned to buy the “checked baggage”. In airport, we tried to buy “checked baggage” through online but cannot so we asked for the staff to help. 

Air Asia 
After asking for the Information Counter, we had found the Air Asia counter. At there, my cousin asked for the “checked baggage” and the Air Asia staff had taught my cousin to use the machine to purchase “checked baggage”.

Information counter
Unfortunately, we were late so we needed to purchase “checked baggage” at more expensive price. We end up by brought RM 75.00 “checked baggage” that up to 15kg. If we buy “checked baggage” 4 hours before check in through online, we still can get RM 25 for “checked baggage” up to 15kg.

Check in luggage 

After done with check in the luggage, we went for lunch at Old Town White Coffee. After lunch, we went to waiting hall and wait for our flight. When at waiting hall, I had brought a newspaper for me to read while waiting the flight.

Waiting hall


When in flight, I had saw a picture of Lost World Tambun in Ipoh and hope that in future has chance to go to there to play and stay as it looks fun. I also had a short nap in flight as quite tired for the trips. 

Saturday, 28 December 2013

Elianto Nutrition Mask Sheet – Walnut

When first saw of this mask, I was surprised as this mask has contains walnut. I know that walnut is a nut that can eat but did not know that it can be a part of mask’s ingredients. This mask is formulated with an abundance of Vitamin E to infuse the skin with vitality.

The anti-aging properties of walnut work to nourish and clear the skin, make it a young and vibrant appearance. The 100% cotton mask pack helps the skin absorb the rich Vitamin E content, boosting skin tone, vitality and elasticity

How to use:
1. Cleanse and tone face to prepare the skin to absorb the nutrients from the mask.
2. Spread the mask sheet evenly over face, starting from the nose and eye area.
3. Leave on for a minimum of 15 minutes and maximum of 30 minutes and then gently peel off the mask sheet.
4. Gently tap any residual essence on face to be absorbed into the skin.

Caution: Do not use the mask sheet on sunburned, scratched or sensitive skin. If discomfort or irritation occurs, discontinue use of the mask sheet immediately.

1. For further cooling and refreshing effects, chill the mask pack in the refrigerator before using.
2. For best results, exfoliate skin with a gentle scrub prior to using the mask.
3. For optimum results, use 2-3 times a week.

This mask wills leaving a fragrance smell on face after applies it. I can saw my face was nourishing after mask with it. When using this mask, I feel totally relax as this mask also include eye mask too so I cannot do anything when mask but lie down to relax my mind.

Friday, 27 December 2013

Promenade Hotel: Wedding Dinner of Andy & Brenda

8th August 2013 (Thursday)

My cousin’s wedding dinner was organized at Promenade Hotel. Before 8 o’clock, we had walked from Promenade Service Apartment to Promenade Hotel.

Before entered the wedding hall, I had saw a beautiful places with well decorations (picture as below). As my family and relatives were prepared to go in the hall so I did not come close to it to have a clear view.

Photo booth
After finished wedding, I had noticed that it is photo booth that has many DIY props that can use when take photo. I had missed it because I did not think of my cousin’s wedding will have it as before this I normally see that wedding from West Malaysia will has it :(  

The stage
Wedding cake
Entered into wedding hall, we went to find our table according to the number for a sit. My family sat at same table with my Beaufort uncle & his family and my Kota Kinabalu uncle. The wedding door gift was two love shaped chocolates.

2 love shaped chocolate
On 8 p.m., the wedding started with my cousin and her husband went in the hall with music. After that, cutting cake ceremony and continued with some entertainment such as singing.

When wedding dinner started, I was planned to take some food photos but quite shy to make my relatives to wait for me to take the photo of food before eating it so I decide not to take the food photos.

After finished eat “Special Five Happiness Hors D’oeuvre” which is a dim sum dish and followed by soup, my mum suddenly asked me to take photo of the food as memory. As my mum asked for it so I had taken a photo of the soup but the times I took the photo, the soup had been served for first times and has some leave in the bowl. To avoid everyone for waiting me to take food photo, when I saw the waiter on the way served for my table, I already stand by with my camera. haha..

Five Treasures Shark's Fin Soup with Dried Scallops
The quantity for the soup was so many that enough for served 2nd times for everyone. Normally, the soup that I had met during dinner was not enough to everyone to serve for 2nd times.

Deep Fried Boneless Chicken Stuffed with Minced Seafood
When I eat for this boneless chicken, the texture was like fishcake. The sauce is sour which is appetizer.   

Japanese Style Fried Rice
Steamed Grouper Fish with Crispy Bean
For me, the sauce for this fish has a little bit salty.

Deep Fried Nestum Prawns with Mayonnaise
This prawn is crispy and delicious but has a little bit salty for me. This prawn is nice when mix with mayonnaise.

Braised Giant Mushroom with Broccoli 
When typing the menu according to the food, I just found out that the name of the menu for each food was quite long. I think the purpose is to state more clearly about the food.

Chilled Sea Coconut with Lemon
I like this drinks very much as it is cool that make me have a chill feeling.

Deep Fried Sesame Balls
After cool drinks, now is the turn of hot desserts which is deep fried sesame balls. This dessert is nice when served with hot. The ingredient inside these balls is red bean. As all of us were getting full so we take away this dessert.

Every wedding has its own wedding theme song so I ending this post with the wedding song title “Marry Me” by Jam Hsiao which had been played at my cousin’s wedding.

Promenade Hotel
No.4, Lorong Api-Api 3, Api-Api Centre,
88000 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.
Tel: (60) (88) 265 555
Fax: (60) (88) 246 666

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Golden Hair

'Wordless Wednesday: Postcard' is recording all the postcards that I had bought from time to time.

Monday, 23 December 2013

2013-11 Favorite Postcards Received (Part 2)

This is a postcard that I won from AB Carrot for celebration FB page has 1000 fans.

The AB Carrot story begins with 2 funny alien visitors who met with Stars Carrots’ and Star Green Peppers’ event, encounter with many novelty Revolution and funny stories – AB Carrot

If you can read Chinese, you can click the image for enlarge view as this postcard make a similar Chinese sounds/Pinyin of a week with activity that can do. The postcard is my winning prize from 狗狗的小跳步,绘蹦硑!that attached with the stickers that same as picture of postcard that make me did not want to stick it at anywhere as it is too cute.

As Rubber Duck is so popular in Taiwan so I had received an illustration postcard that draws by Bread Hung. So many Rubber Duck in postcard and hope that in future I can take a photo with Rubber Duck.

This postcard sent by Vivi Lee from Taiwan. I like her drawing of a pair of lovely rabbits with a quote of “Life is a flower of which love is the honey”. 

Do you ever seen flower fairy? This postcard has an illustration of flower fairy who name Mulberry Fairy. This is an exchange postcard with E想世界-Sweet Life.

This postcard sent by Marilyn from Australia. She said that she likes this postcard as it is so full of life. I also like this postcard as it liven up with people getting around.

This postcard sent by Karen from Taiwan. I like the word of postcard and would like to share with you.

For Love – Art Your Time
For love, we meet until from strangers. For love, we from the students into a friend.
For love, we become without words don’t talk. For love, we don’t respectively.
For love, for our dreams, our efforts.

I am getting surprise from my friend, Evon as she had sent a Kuching postcard for me during her trips to Kuching. This postcard shows a view from Kuching Riverfront. 

This postcard has a nice quote that sound as “If you hold the past too tight, how could you hug the future? from Up on Poppy Hill.” This teaches me that sometimes I need to let the past go so that I can meet with future. Don’t always think of the past especially sad things.

This postcard shows a picture of Michigan Wildlife such as Black Bear, Whitetail Deer, Moose, Bald Eagle (National Bird) and Loon that sent by Jeffrey from USA. This postcard sent in envelope as beside a postcard, Jeffrey had attached with a page of letter about self-introduction and the travel places in Michigan. 

Front & Back

Front & Back
As Rubber Duck now at Taiwan so Dragon812715 (blogger & illustrator) had drawn some postcards that relate with this Rubber Duck. I like the front and back design of the postcards which looks super cute and creative. 

Dragon812715 was so kind that offers free postcards for this Rubber Duck by sent him a return envelope with stamp as I did not have Taiwan stamp so I inquiry him the ways I can get the postcards and he said that he can direct sent me the postcards but he want a beautiful Malaysia stamp as exchange. I accepted his exchange by sent him a postcard with nice stamp.

Saturday, 21 December 2013

Cefenere Acne Formulation- Impurity Milk Cleanser & Cream Contour (Sample)

Through the blog of Audrey Ooi, I had been given a sample of Cefenere of Acne Formulation for a try. When the samples arrived, inside of it has a paper frame with a nice packaging of samples with a card.

Cefenere offers wide range of excellent quality skin care products ranging from “Skin lightening products”, delightfully scented wrapped in exquisite beautiful packaging. Cefenere “Anti-acne” range is our most popular product. Product formulations are ideal and suitable for every woman as ingredients are mostly garnered from natural plants which are safe and effective. Our products help in turning your skin into a smoother, youthful and radiance skin - Cefenere

Paper frame

Impurity Milk Cleanser dissolves dirt and impurities effectively and soothes inflamed and skin irritation. It is effective in battling acne prone skin.

How to use:
1. Apply adequate amount to face and neck with massage gently and rinse off thoroughly.

Alternative: Apply and leave on for 20 minutes on serious acne skin before rinsing through.

I dislike the packaging of this cleanser as it is very difficult for me to press out the cleanser. After opened the "press head" of cleanser, based on my assumption that cleanser press out problem will be missing of straw for connect to the bottom of cleanser bottle so for cleanser in bottom will be difficult to come out so I need to shake it out every time use it. I think it will be not a problem when purchase in full size.

Updated in year 2014- Full Size
This cleanser did not foam out any foam so I usually use it in the morning with clean face because I worry that if I using it by wash some make up on face, my face still has residue after clean it. After wash my face, I had feel of cold feeling which made me look fresh. 

Cream Contour is an acne solution to treat acne and breakouts. It regulates sebum secretion and provides tremendous result in pore refining.

How to use (suitable for day and night use):
1. Apply a layer on a cleansed skin especially on acne and breakout areas.

For best result, it is recommend to use Impurity Milk Cleanser for a through cleansing before apply Cream Contour.

This cream is in yellow color with smell of Chinese herb. After apply this cream on my face for few times, I did see that my pimple had been become minimize. I think if want to make pimple to get rid, need to apply it for many times.

Friday, 20 December 2013

Shopping Experience with MrLens

For Blogging 101 Chapter 4, The Butterfly Project had collaboration with MrLens to require selected Butterflies to make a review on MrLens.

Company Background of MrLens (About us)
MrLens was setup in 2002 and is a dynamic company dedicated to providing you the highest quality service and the same brand name contact lenses that your doctor or eye specialist recommends from around the world. Today, we are proud to be the largest online contact lens reseller in Switzerland and major parts of Europe, going global and we are now available in Asia too.

After know more about MrLens, here I start my review on MrLens by using 8P analysis which think by myself.

MrLens is works as online platform with the website of The headquarters of MrLens is at Switzerland while the registers address in Malaysia as below:
3068 Jln Todak
13700 Seberang Jaya
Pulau Pinang

As MrLens is works as online platform so it is very easy for me to purchase contact lens or eye related products at any time 24/7 and I also can discuss with my friends and family about the eye related products that I wish to buy by copy the link of products to them and ask for their opinion.

MrLens has offer many ranges of product for lens & solution and glasses which include sun glasses too. For your information that MrLens now is working on widen its products range by add on Cosmetic and Perfume so stay tune with MrLens.

MrLens really provide many selections of eye related products that suitable for women and men so now we can fashion ourselves with glasses and contact lens. Besides that, I love the color contact lens that provided at MrLens as it really has many designs and color that made me hard to make a choice.

As MrLens works as online platform so it did not need to pay for shop rental so the price of eye related products are reasonable and affordable with its quality.

From times to times, MrLens has offer many promotion for the products such as discount and freebies such as buy 2 boxes of contact lens will get 1 box for free.

Process of Order
First, you need to register at MrLens in order to proceed with order. After that, you can start order your eye related products by choose the item that you like and select it by click “Add to Cart” with its quantity. After you feel satisfy with your own order, its times for you to proceed with payment by click “Checkout” at top right hand side of website. After that, you need to select shipping method and payment method to pay for it. After success payment, just wait at home for your parcel to arrive.

At first, I quite enjoy in selecting the contact lens that I like at MrLens but after “Checkout”, I had met with problem which is it did not show anything in my “Shipping Method” part so I cannot proceed with “Payment Information”. I tried it for few times and the problem still did not solve so I sent an email for Ayna (SWAT Team of The Butterfly Project) to ask for help and she help me to forward my problem to MrLens.
Meeting problem in "Shipping Method"
After few days, Ayna asked me to try for a new redeem code from MrLens that for East Malaysia shipping as I live in East Malaysia. After that, I tried for the new code and found out that the problem still exist so again I asked Ayna for help. Ayna require for my account information and try by herself to help me to proceed my order and surprise to say that, she success to proceed for my order for delivery. After I knew that, I feel curious and ask her about how she success to proceed for my order and she told me that she keep refresh for few times and its work.

The picture of "Shipping Information" that should be show up
At here, I hope that MrLens can do some technical check for its website especially at part of “Delivery Information” so that my problem will not arise at any customer in future that maybe will spoil out his/her shopping mood.

MrLens do provide many secure payment methods for customer convenience such as credit card and online banking. Usually, many website only provide online banking selection for Maybank and CIMB due to its popularity while MrLens had provide many others online banking such as RHB, AmBank, Hong Leong and others. For those in Klang Valley can choose for Cash on Delivery option.

Period of Delivery
The delivery time frame that estimated as below:
West Malaysia: 1-2 days
East Malaysia: 3-4 days

Ship to East Malaysia (My order)
Date of Order: 27 Nov 2013
Date of Processing: 28 Nov 2013
Date of Shipping: 29 Nov 2013
Date of Receiving Parcel: 3 Dec 2013

In overall, I satisfy with the delivery services by MrLens that I had receiving my contact lens within 3-4 days. Besides that, MrLens do inform me with the order status from ordered to shipping (with tracking number) via email. It is very good as I keep updated with my order status that did not need to login to account to know it.

Protection of Parcel
I had order contact lens for Colourvue 3 Tones with Violet color and Colourvue Big Eyes with Dolly Black color. Inside of parcel that arrived had a plastic bag that includes my 2 boxes of contact lens with brochure and invoice.

 I can said that all my contact lens are in good condition and new as at two sides of box has a sticker/tape to seal it. I also can see MrLens own sticker with general information on contact lens box for our convenience to report any problem for the products.

MrLens is a good shopping site for eye related products because of its strength or good on place, product, price, promotion, payment, delivery and protection of parcel. The things that need to keep improving is process of order on website. Hope that by my next purchases, I will enjoy the whole process of order at MrLens.

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