Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Wordless Wednesday: A Kiss on Postcard 0016

‘Wordless Wednesday: A Kiss on Postcard’ is my postcard project which collecting lip mark on postcard from all over the world. 

This is lip mark from Julia from Russia

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Wordless Wednesday: A Kiss on Postcard 0015

‘Wordless Wednesday: A Kiss on Postcard’ is my postcard project which collecting lip mark on postcard from all over the world. 

Esther from Denmark told me that “You are so funny”. I think she means my lip mark postcard project. She is also funny because on postcard, she wrote “Ops, I forgot to close my mouth”.

Sunday, 20 November 2016

2016-10 Favorite Postcards Received

My Postcrossing ranking for October 2016 as below:-
On 67th most postcards sent from Malaysia
On 64th longest distance sent from Malaysia

This is a small postcard which featured Formosa Boulevard Station in Taiwan. This is the most beautiful station in Taiwan. This postcard has a colorful film.

This panda handmade postcard made and sent by my panda lover friend. Every time see the panda will remind of her.

On 1 October 2016, it has Postcrossing Meet Up in Kuala Lumpur. I did not join for this meet up because it is quite far from my place. I was so surprised when received this postcard because it’s from my postcard friend who just one time exchange postcard with me. This postcard is so meaningful with signature of postcard colletors.

When I received this postcard, I thought it is a place in Japan. After searching through online, I just knew that this street is in Hong Kong. Pottinger Street is a street in Central, Hong Kong. It is known as the Stone Slabs Street since the street is paved unevenly by granite stone steps. It was named in 1858 after Henry Pottinger, the 1st Gorvernor of Hong Kong serving from 1843 to 1844.

Saturday, 19 November 2016

Lazada Malaysia Online Revolution 2016

From 11 November 2016 to 14 December 2016 is Lazada’s fifth Online Revolution since its inaugural launch in 2012. For your information that Lazada Online Revolution is the biggest online shopping and selling event in Southeast Asia bringing brands, retailers and consumers together 6 countries.

The theme for this year is “Brands for All” which marks Lazada’s evolution into a one stop shop for Malaysian’s favorite brands such as Drypers, L’oreal, Nestle, Samsung, Microsoft, ZTE, Tesco, Sports Direct and many more.

Hans-Peter Ressel, CEO of Lazada Malaysia said, “At Lazada Malaysia, we are committed to offering Malaysians access to millions of choices. 81% of our shoppers reside outside of KL, with limited access to quality branded products and shopping malls. Online Revolution 2016, themed “Brands for All” is about bridging the gap between brands and consumers. We offer brands unparalleled access to consumers outside of metropolitan cities while we empower consumers to gain access to more than 1,000 brands they love”.  

Recently I received “Parcel of Joy” from Lazada which maybe can give you some idea what to buy.

I seldom drink coffee but I quite interested with the combination of white coffee with pandan. It has smell of pandan when drink it.

Talking about tom yam remind me of Thailand.  For those who are missing tom yam in Thailand or love with sour and spicy can try for this.

This was my first time to hear about oat noodle, it seems a bit healthier with added oat.  The noodle is made from wholegrain oat (51%) and wheat (49%). As this is fried noodle type in curry flavor but I changed it to soup type.

Placing orders above RM 50 with Nestle Official Store and Nestle Merchandise can enjoy FREE SHIPPING.

Ola Bola is a movie a 2016 Malaysian football film directed by Chiu Keng Guan. It was inspired by the glories of Malaysia national football team which successfully entered the 1980 Summer Olympics. The song for this movie is “Arena Cahaya” sing by Zee Avi.

This bag is giving for FREE (random design) for first 3,000 buyers when you purchase Milo Promotion Bundle which includes Milo 2kg for one, Milo 3in1 18’s for two and Milo NutriG 190ml for two.

For Milo lover can buy Milo Promotion Bundle for stock because it also offer free delivery as you know the package for Milo are quite heavy. By buying this Promotion Bundle can save a lot.

Wipes is important for a mom to ensure her baby in clean without any bacteria. MamyPoko has 2 types of cleansing wipers which is fragrance and non-fragrance. 

It is a styling gel which protects hairs against heat, frizz and humidity with creates smooth and voluminous hair after blow drying for 72 hours.

I have no idea what it is when I received sample for a test. After do some reading and watch video, I knew that it is directly applied on dump hair for a pretty effect.  This video has clearly shown how to use it for different purpose which you can take a look although it is not in English language.

This is banana with strawberry flavors cereal snack that made with rice, whole wheat and fruits. It is high in iron, calcium and vitamin B1 which are important nutrient to support growth and development of a child.

Beside finger food, for those parents look for milk powder can try for LactoKid.

In Lazada also can get kitchen appliances for the brand of  Tefal.


From what I share can see that groceries also can purchase online. All I can say is “online shopping make life easy.”

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Wordless Wednesday: A Kiss on Postcard 0014

‘Wordless Wednesday: A Kiss on Postcard’ is my postcard project which collecting lip mark on postcard from all over the world. 

This is lip mark by Irina from Belarus.

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Wordless Wednesday: A Kiss on Postcard 0013

‘Wordless Wednesday: A Kiss on Postcard’ is my postcard project which collecting lip mark on postcard from all over the world. 

This was my first time to receive scanned lip mark on postcard. When register postcard in Postcrossing, I just knew the lip mark is belong to a man (Arue from Denmark). Based on the name, I thought is a girl. He has a sexy lip. Hehe..

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Wordless Wednesday: A Kiss on Postcard 0012

‘Wordless Wednesday: A Kiss on Postcard’ is my postcard project which collecting lip mark on postcard from all over the world. 

Laura from Poland told me that she has big lipstick collection and glad to send her lip mark to me.

Monday, 31 October 2016

The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin

Author had been listed down a year of happiness project in this book. After that she will do it and experiment it. She always updates her status of project in her blog. It has interaction with reader through comments.

Although it’s true that taking photography sometimes makes it hard to savor a moment when it’s happening, in the future, having pictures will help me recall a happy time- pg.121

I used only for birthdays but a friend told me that he also added significant dates from his children’s lives. “That way I can be reminded of the first date the kids talked, waved bye-bye or whatever- pg.161

Life is too short to save your good china or your good lingerie or your good ANYTHING for later because truly, later may never come- pg.209

“I’d like the Greek salad, chopped, no dressing, no olives or stuffed grape leaves, plus a side order of grilled chicken and a side order of steamed broccoli.”- page 284

Friday, 28 October 2016

2016-09 Favorite Songs by Postcard Senders

In this month, my favorite song is “Don’t Talk Anymore” by Charlie Puth (feat. Selena Gomez).  After listening, you will keep sing “Don’t talk anymore”. Hehe..
Charles Otto “Charlie” Puth Jr. is an American singer, songwriter and record producer who gained his initial recognition by viral success of his song posts to YouTube- Wikipedia
Selena Marie Gomez is an American actress and singer- Wikipedia

The favorite song of Laura (Poland) is “Hold Me” by Tom Odell. She likes listens this song in the evening in autumn because this song is beautiful, romantic and energy. The way Tom plays the piano is so cool! You need to take a look at the video.
Thomas Peter Odell is an English singer-songwriter- Wikipedia

The favorite song of Klauu is “High Hopes” by Pink Floyd. It reminds him about youth.
Pink Floyd were an English rock band formed in London. They achieved international acclaim with their progressive and psychedelic music- Wikipedia

The favorite song of Kauna (Lithuania) is “La Paloma Tango” by Sebastian Yradier.

Sebastian Iradier Salaverri or Sebastian Yradier was a Spanish Basque composer. He is known primarily for his habaneras especially the one titled “La Paloma”, written around 1860 after a visit to Cuba. It extremely popular in both Spain and the Americas (especially Mexico)- Wikipedia

The favorite song of Neyssi (Taiwan) is “新的心跳” by Gem Tang.  This is a motivation song.

Gloria Tang Tsz Kei is a Chinese Hong Kong singer-songwriter. She is better known by her stage name G.E.M, an acronym for Get Everybody Moving-Wikipedia

Emmanelle (France) has 2 favorite songs which are “Place Des Grands Hommes” by Patrick Bruel and “La-Bas” by Jean-Jacques Goldman.
Patrick Bruel is a French singer, actor and professional poker player of Jewish descent- Wikipedia
Jean-Jacques Goldman is a Grammy Award-winning French singer-songwriter Jewish origin- Wikipedia

The favorite song of Irinc is “Extatum Et Oratum” by Powerwolf. This is very heroic song and it always cheers she up.
Powerwolf is a German power metal band created in 2003 by Charles and Matthew Greywolf. The group is notable for having dark themes and images both musically and lyrically, bot counteractions to traditional power metal music and including usage if corpse paint, gothic-tinged compositions and songs about Romanian werewolf and vampire legends and dark religious tales- Wikipedia

Thursday, 27 October 2016

2016-09 Favorite Postcards Received

My Postcrossing ranking for September 2016 as below:-
On 68th most postcards sent from Malaysia
On 65th longest distance sent from Malaysia

I feel so happy and warm when I received this postcard because on the postcard has my name.  The drawing of Mr. Vegetabird is cute.

Belvedere Castle is a folly in Central Park in Manhattan, New York City. It contains exhibit rooms and an observation deck, and since 1919, the folly has also been the location of the official Central Park weather station. It looks beautiful!

This postcard is super cute which the illustrator has an inspiration of the Shiba Unu helps owners run the little store in Japan. Hope I have chance to visit the shop in future.

When travel to Krabi, my friends and I been took a jumping pose on the island. Received this postcard remind me of our happy times.

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