Thursday, 27 September 2018

Mooncake Festival 2018

23rd September 2018

(Dataran Labuan >> HSBC Bank >> Utama Jaya Supermarket >> RHB Bank >> Milimewah Supermarket >> Mariner Hotel >> Dataran Labuan)

Haiz, most of my photos are so blur, so sad!!!

Around 7.30pm, the Mooncake Festival Parade started. Children can get the lantern and walk together with Parade.

The Mickey and Minnie were so sweet as they hold hand from start until end of Parade.Look like Donald Duck need to learn from Mickey, haha!

Clown also join the Parade. 

This was my first time to see so many cute rabbits.

At last part of Parade, Mickey and friends were lost from Parade and they become the last one to reach. I think because of lots of people want take picture with them.

Thursday, 6 September 2018

Lazada 9.9 Festival Sale

Start from today until 9 September 2018, Lazada is having 9.9 Festival Sale. The discount is up to 90% and more than 2,000 vouchers will giving out!

In this post, I will list down 3 products on Lazada that I have always wanted to buy.

I have some travel trips at last quarter of the year so wish to buy a good luggage for travelling. This luggage has 4 ultra-silent wheels that easy for me to move the luggage. This luggage come with 2 sizes (20 inches and 24 inches). The 20 inches luggage can carried on board with weight 2.7kg. Air Asia policy is only allow 7kg luggage be carry on plane. With this 20 inches luggage, I can put my own things up to 4.3kg.

This Luggage set is having 67% discount which can save about RM 273.90.

Although I have a camera, I always want to have an instant camera. I wish to stick the travel photo on a blank postcard and send to my friends instead of buy some typical postcard in shop. The Sakura camera bag is so beautiful and no one will know that you are bring a camera.

This instant camera is having 47% discount which can save about RM 180.00.

Gold is good for investment because the price is keep increasing for current market. It is worth to buy for collect and sell in the future. This gold has pictures of KLCC that add value to the gold.

Let have a great shopping in Lazada! 

Thursday, 16 August 2018

Althea Malaysia: Beauty Products Ship from Korea [Included Link of 20% off for First Order]

Althea is number one digital destination for all things K-beauty such as shopping, lifestyle and trends. In Althea, you can find many Korea beauty products ranging from skincare to haircare and many more. With just some few clicks, you can get the beauty products which direct ship from Korea.

The best thing is Althea Malaysia offer FREE International delivery for all orders above RM99. The delivery time from Korea take around 10-15 days after you order. Besides that, all products sell are 100% authentic so you will not buy fake products through Althea Malaysia.

Recently I had done my first purchase with Althea Malaysia. I bought some masks as it is quite cheap (RM 1.80 per piece) and the ingredients of mask is low in risk (No synthesis fragrance) so suitable for daily use too.

Althea Malaysia also have Rewards Points for every amount you spend. It is a non-cashable store credits are redeemable towards future purchases with Althea.

During your FIRST order, you can get 20% discount off by using this link. (If you did not use this link, Althea Malaysia only offer 15% as welcome gift)

Althea Malaysia
Facebook: Althea Malaysia
Instagram: Althea Korea

Saturday, 9 June 2018

Registered Investment Consultant

Q: I am interested to do some investment such as unit trust. Does the person who will be my consultant is authorized?

A: Go to Federation of Investment Managers Malaysia (FIMM) to search for it.

Look for “Quick Tools” section and click “Is My Consultant Authorised?

At here, you just key in the full name or IC number of your consultant to search for it.

Friday, 8 June 2018

Amazin’Graze: New Customer get RM15 off for First Order

Amazin’Graze offer healthy snack such as granola, nuts, superfood and nut butters. You can take a look of its website at here.

For new customer, you can sign up in this link (Referral Link) in order to get RM15 off for your first order (minimum purchase RM50).

Sunday, 27 May 2018

Places in Lawas 2018

Medan Niaga Lawas

It is near with Pasar Besar Lawas. I went to there on Saturday. It has lots of vegetable and fruits for sell such as green color eggplant, red color corn, snake fruit and many more.

I attracted by a kuih called “Wajid Beras Jawa” and bought for try. It is sweet in taste. Wajid means sticky rice in palm sugar and wrap by pandan leaves.

Chinese Temple

Post office is at the same row with Chinese temple.

Pertubuhan Membina Akhlak Che Wu Khor

It is located at the upstairs of Hang Out Café and beside Chinese temple.


I found a white buffalo statue in Lawas while another statue seems like deer or donkey?

Lawas Supermarket & Hardware Sdn Bhd

In Lawas cannot find any shopping mall but has some supermarkets.

Sport Complex Lawas

I attended a dinner banquet in here.

Small Garden

Saturday, 26 May 2018

Lawas 2018

In conjunction with 14th General Election, Malaysia New Government announced that 10th and 11th were special public holiday. In 11th until 13th May, I went to Lawas for a 3 days 2 nights short trip.

Lawas is a small place in Sarawak. As it is easy to walk around in town so I printed a map from Google Map to prevent get lost.

The ferry is quite old as some of the seat torn out and been stick with big cellotape. The air-conditional also not so cold and quite hot if follow the afternoon session. You can bring your own small fan if you scared very hot.

When reach Lawas, need to fill in Arrival Form that can get at Immigration Counter. After the form chopped, you will get the copy of the form and need to return when back so put it safety. When back the Immigration Counter quite late to open (ferry departure on 8am and the counter open on 7.50am).

In Terminal Ferry Lawas, it has some food stalls. The time I back, just one stall open. It sells laksa, kolo noodle (RM3.50) and Red Rice Wine Mee Suah (RM6). You need to add for wine that you want as the Mee Suah is plain and on the table has a reuse tomato bottle of wine.

The Ferry to or from Lawas just a trip per day. In Labuan, you can buy ferry ticket at Terminal counter while in Lawas just can buy the ticket at the same day before departure or you can direct book from boss of the ferry. In Lawas did not has ticket counter but you can see in front of Immigration Counter has a people sell ticket with temporary table and chair. 

Ferry Ticket:
Labuan to Lawas: RM18 (12:30pm-2:30pm)
Lawas to Labuan: RM 15 (8:00am-10:00am)

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