Friday, 5 April 2019

Chap Goh Mei 2019

[2013:Snake] [2014: Horse] [2015: Goat] [2016: Monkey] [2017: Rooster] [2018:Dog]

This year, I just went to Station 2 and 3 for a look.

The fireworks is so beautiful in far. If you see the firework under of it, it will have some dust/powder from the fireworks. If the powder/dust fly to your eyes, then your eyes will not comfortable. That night, I stand under the fireworks and not really enjoy of it. 

The female beans pig (Station 2) is so cute!

At station 2, I saw RTM staff to have some record of this festival. They did interview a girl for her opinion regarding Chap Goh Mei.

In Station 3, besides has some decorations for taking pictures, it also has some stalls for you to buy some food and drinks.

Thursday, 4 April 2019

Pillars of Sabah 1.0 (Opposite Suria Sabah)

Spearheaded by renown local artist Red Hong Yi along with educator, ecologist and filmmaker Jared Abdul Rahman, 'Pillars of Sabah' features the works of 30 Sabahan artists honouring 30 people from Sabah who have inspired them. Each artist was allocated a pillar, upon which they painted their chosen portraits on one side, and their own self-portrait on the other. It was no easy feat, but Red, Jared and the group of artists managed to pull it off, through hot weather, rain, tight timeline and all- Website

Besides the art, this project did attached the story or meaning behind the art. You can have some read on it.

At here, I quite surprised to see the drawing of Malaysian emcee, Daphne Iking. After read the details, I just knew that she come from Keningau, Sabah. She is so beautiful! I knew she through “The Breakfast Show”.

Gary Chaw, Malaysia singer also been featured on the Sabah Pillar. He was born in Kota Belud. Currently he based in Taiwan with his wife and children (Joe & Grace). His famous song is “背叛”. 

As I knew that, this project is usually featured those well-known and come from Sabah. Hmmm, why do I see a foreigner been featured? After read the details on pillar, I knew that because those foreigner stay in Sabah and contribute good things for people in Sabah such as Emiliano Ceresa, the boss of Little Italy, a restaurant provide Italian cuisine. 

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