Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Siam Paragon: Ocean World: Glass Bottom Boat, 5D Cinema Extreme, Feeding Show

As our combo ticket does include Glass Bottom Boat and 5D Cinema Extreme so surely we will take time to experience them. The normal price for 5D Cinema Extreme is 250 Baht while Glass Bottom Boat is 150 Baht.

Before experience them, we will catch for feeding show first as the time was match with our visit time. You will see some animals has feeding time board that near with them to easily for you to know what time will be the next feeding time.

Otter Feeding (Showtimes 11:30 & 15:30)

During our visit, we had seen many people gather around then we went to have a close view and knew that it’s time for otter feeding. Two little cute otters were needed to do some tasks before be giving food such as take the ball after the staff throw it away.

As the time that we went was World Cup Fever so Siam Ocean World has prediction from otter. It has 2 flags for otter to choose. Lastly, otter choose for Germany. Germany was the winner for the World Cup 2014. Can I say otter is so clever and smart? Haha..

Penguin Feeding (Showtimes 12:30 & 16:30)

Those penguins were so cute and they swim so fast in the water.

Near with these penguins has a machine for you to hear the voice of penguin by click it. It was so fun.

During feeding time, you are allowed to ask any questions to the staff. The staff who feed the penguin will answer your question; he will answer in Thai and will be translate by another staff to English.

Shark Feeding Show (Showtimes 13:00 & 16:00)

During the shark feeding, the staff will dive into the water and give some food to shark. For those sharks whose already ate before, the staff will not feed them again. The staff was so awesome that recognize which shark they had been feed before.

During shark feeding, it will have one staff explain for you what happened during feeding in English.

I so impress with these staffs who are brave to feed the shark as they did not worry that shark may having them as food *Clapped Hand*

Glass Bottom Boat

When we want to take glass bottom boat, it did not have anybody queue up so we are the first 4 people. The staff will give you a safety cloth to put on while waiting other people comes down from the boat.

You can buy some food for the shark and its friends with only 100 Baht. We did not buy it as we just want to enjoy it.

Through the glass at the bottom of the boat, we can have a close view with the fish, sharks and many more. We were having same boat with three Indian people.

The staff on the boat pulls the string that around the area to make the boat moving. While on the boat, you can ask any questions to the staff and she will explain to you. They can speak well in English so that will not have any communication barriers.

Actually the sea animals that you see through the glass bottom boat are the same with you see at the tunnel. During the glass bottom boat, sometimes you will see “human fish”. The “human fish” is the person who watching the fish at tunnel there. Haha..

5D Cinema Extreme

I did not watch 3D show before and in this trip, I had tried for 5D show, indirectly up for some grades. Haha..As this was my first time to see 5D show which also need to wear 3D glasses, my friend had told me that I can direct wear the 3D glasses on my current glasses there.

This 5D movie that we watched was an animation that about protect the sea. During the animation, some gas will release out, seat will move like someone hit your butt and others. 

Monday, 30 March 2015

Postcard DIY: Blowing bubbles

When is your last times to blow bubbles? This series of postcard, I was using circle stickers as bubbles. 

First, I draw a girl was playing bubbles. 

After that, I color my drawing.

After coloring, I used different color and pattern of circle stickers to stick on postcard as bubbles.

The effect come out was so beautiful with different color of bubbles.

On this postcard, I used smile stickers as bubbles. The postcard looks like the girl was quite shock after saw her bubbles which blew by she has smiley face. Hehe..

Do you know angel also like to play bubbles? She wants to touch it. You can use sticker as bubble to create many pictures of it.

Friday, 27 March 2015

Time to Eat in Taiwan

Pic credit: Air Asia
Do you able to grab cheap flight ticket on this Monday? Air Asia was giving us a great opportunity to travel by launching the promotion with super low fare ticket. Everyone was discussing this great deal in town. For sure, I am also planning on this matter. Taiwan is my preference country. Thus, my friend and I hurry catch up our step to go checking the ticket. The fare of the flight ticket is within our budget. However, I could not make purchase yet because I have to discuss with my colleague for the leave matter. The fare ticket was increase shapely on the next day. This news was ruining my day. Therefore, my plan to Taiwan was force to cancel.  

Although I did not manage to grab the chance to fly to Taiwan, I still fall to Taiwan with tasty food. Please lend me a minute to watch a video and do hold your saliva because it's look delicious.

Now, I would like to propose my planning on what to eat in Taiwan from morning to night.

(Pic source: Darin Dines)

Normally my breakfast will eat noodles. Noodles are a common breakfast in Malaysia. As in Taiwan, I would like to try some traditional Taiwan breakfast like fried dough with a bowl of soy milk and Sao Bing You Tiao (thin flatbread with Chinese doughnut and egg) in a well-known restaurant called Fu Hang Dou Jiang. You might think that it is just a light meal, will easy get hungry after a few hours later. It is because we can spare some space in stomach for hunting other dishes.


After breakfast, we can start our journey to go around in Taiwan. We can take the chance to look for souvenirs. I did receive some food as souvenir from friends so I think that Taiwan food is a great gift for friends and family. Before doing purchase of those souvenirs, you also can have a try on the taste. There are many types of souvenir such as pineapple cake, Taiwan nougat, Sun Cake available in Taiwan.

Pineapple cake

Pineapple cake  in the shape of bricks and filled with butter, flour, egg, sugar and pineapple jam. It has a lot of flavors for you to choose such as salted egg yolk, green tea, cheese and others. SunnyHills win a lot of good recommend and feedback as it uses local pineapples so it has a darker filing, rougher texture and sourer taste.

If you are interest on the cake, Kuo Yuan Ye Meseum of Cake and Pastry is a must to visit. Kuo Yuan Ye Meseum is not just a museum. It is because it also has cooking class provided for all of us to learn how to make a delicious pineapple cake.

Taiwan Nougat

Taiwan Nougat is a snack made by milk and peanuts which the texture is smooth and sticky. It has many flavors such as cranberry, milk, black tea, green tea and many more.

Besides buying Taiwan Nougat, don’t forget go to Taiwan Nougat Museum which has DIY pineapple cake workshop, nougat-making performance and exhibition. It is a great place to know more about Taiwan Nougat.

Sun Cake

Sun Cake is a popular Taiwan dessert that originally from Taichung. The typical filling consists of maltose (condensed melt sugar) and sold in gift boxes as souvenirs. 

When searching for more information about Sun Cake, I noticed that in Taiwan has Sun Cake Museum which has display the history and story of Sun Cake. If next time has chance, definitely I will go there for a visit.

Taiwan Mochi

Mochi is a dessert which make from glutinous rice with sweet potato, red rice and water. Its filings include sweet peanut paste, red bean, coconut, fruits and many more. The texture of mochi is sticky and chewy.

One of the reasons that I like Taiwan beside food is the museum. Its museum is so attractive and included many social media such as video. You will not get bored in Taiwan museum. Last for Taiwan Mochi, I will introduce you to go Taiwan Mochi Museum. At here, you can know history of mocha, actual making of mocha and many more.

(Pic source: B-kyu.com)

For the lunch, I would like to try for Taiwan Railway Bento. The Railway Bento is originated from Taiwan where the locals bring the bento on board the trains to consume during their long train journeys. The bento has varieties choices such as vegetable, chicken, egg and so on. It is designed for everyone with different taste.

Through the blog of B-Kyu, I saw different design of bento such as Master Q picture bento, hexagon shape bento and many more. I think I will having dilemma in choosing which bento because every bento is very special. Haha..

(Pic source: Sardpnna & Haruhii)

For tea-time, I would like to introduce these 2 cafés which are Oia Café and Aranzi Café.  The reason that I choose for Oia Café is because of Alpaca. Alpaca look cute and friendly so it able to attract me well. In Oia Café, you can interact or hug and touch Alpaca. Alpacas are very active because they love to walk freely in Café. With Alpacas, I don’t even feel the length of time of my food to serve.

I also wish to go Aranzi Café because of its interior design and cute presentation of food. When you enter this café, you will see that it has many characters of Aranzi around the café. Then you will been attract and started to take photos in every corner of this café.

Besides that, it has sell Aranzi stuff like postcard, glass, toys and so on. When the food present, you will keep said “Kawaii” as all those food has Aranzi picture especially the cake. What you wait for? Take the camera and shoot it.  

(Pic source: Travel 163 & Taiwan Food Culture

Taiwan famous with night market, of course it is advisable to look for dinner at there. Amazingly, you will feel happy because there are lots of food at night market such as stewed pork rice, scallion pancake, big bun wrapped small bun, oyster omelette and many more. Let me share with you four types of foods that must be eat when you are in night market which as below:-

Stinky tofu

Stinky tofu come with bad smell, I am wonder that how bad smell of it, is it smell like rubbish? Hehe..  Stinky tofu usually served with deep fried with pickled cabbage, carrots and chili sauce.

Da Chang Bao Xiao Chang (Small Sausage in Big Sausage)

In Taiwan, I would like to try of small sausage in big sausage that has different taste than the normal sausage that we eat. It is grilled pork sausage wrapped in a glutinous rice sausage. It can be eaten with different of sauce.

Do you know what the story behind this snack is? According to Taiwan Food Culture that a night vendor who loves both sticky rice sausages and pork sausages but found it troublesome to eat them separately so he came up idea of blending the two in order to savor delicious, chewy sticky rice together with juicy pork sausage.

Oyster Noodle

The oyster noodle is very popular in Taiwan which has main ingredients of oysters and misua (Taiwan vermicelli). It usually comes with many and big size oysters that you will feel so satisfaction after finish a bowl.

Gua Bao (Taiwanese Burger or Pork Belly Buns)

In Malaysia, we usually eat chicken burger while in Thailand must try for pork burger then in Taiwan? The answer is Gua Bao as it is consist of a slice of stewed meat and other condiments sandwiched between flat steamed bread. It also called as “Tiger bites pig” due to the mouth like form of the bun and the content of filing.

Gua Bao are shaped like a wallet full of money which become a custom in Taiwan to eat buns at year end parties on the 16th day of the 12th lunar month as to devour all the bad things of the past year. By eating of this bun can pray for a lucky year so I need to eat lot of Gua Bao when in Taiwan.

(Pic source: Mimg47)

Taiwan really a food heaven, Supper has many choices such as porridge, rice, steamboat, noodle and many more. Lastly, I think I will choose for porridge as I did not want to eat heavy meal in the midnight.

In Tainan, has a famous porridge named “悦津咸粥” which open 24 hours. If you see properly, you will found out its porridge is different from Malaysia version. It porridge is some like rice soup as you can see clearly of each rice as it did not cook the soup with the rice together. Besides that, it has many choices of side dish for you to eat with porridge.
After writing this post, I have more knowledge about Taiwan than before. I found that Taiwan really attracted me the most. Hence, I hope one day I can realize my dream which is travel to my favorite country-Taiwan.

Time for Taiwan TTBKL

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