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Monday, 6 April 2015

Purchase Postcards to Support Eden Community Service Center

The story started by Uncle Chong is a kind father. When his daughter was suffering mood disorders, he had been encouraging and accompanies his daughter so that she will get well soon. At that time, Uncle Chong was facing economics difficulties. Under the help of Eden Community Service Center, Uncle Chong and her daughter’s situation had been improved.

Uncle Chong and her daughter are postcard collectors so they hope through selling of postcard can do a little thing to thanks for the help of Eden Community Service Center.

This set of postcards has 4 pieces which are drawn by Uncle Chong’s daughter with Malaysia artists such as William Sam, Rickman and Mei Xin. This set of postcard cost RM 10 and postage RM 5 (Pos Express).

For those who interested to purchase postcards can buy at Eden Community Service Center via online and offline (Facebook). Click here to know more. I also had purchased some to support it.

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