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Friday, 17 April 2015

2015-03 Favorite Postcards Received

This month, my sister passed a postcard to me which bought by her boyfriend during his Melbourne trip. Look like many of my friends will think of me when see the postcard. Haha..


This postcard from WithGaLoveTaiwan, Ah Ga is a funny people whose like to record video. Beside postcard, he had sent some red packets for me.

This postcard’s photo took by my postcard friend. She told me that this was her first time to see night view. She shared her first Taiwan night view with me, so sweet of her.

This is traffic light postcard in Berlin. This was my first time to receive traffic light postcard. It is so interesting.

When in Chinese New Year, many people like to play Mahjong with friends and relatives. Do you? I did not know how to play. For your information that Mahjong is a game that originated in China and commonly played by 4 players. This was my first time to see playing Mahjong postcard.

This is an illustration postcard. I just wonder that whether the sender’s face looks exactly same with the girl on postcard. That would be the fun of postcard because you did not know he or she before so by receive the postcard and see the handwriting, try to imagine his or her face. Haha..

This Japanese style illustration postcard was so beautiful. Do you spot my name on the postcard?  Hehe..

I like this postcard as it show the famous places in Kaohsiung, Taiwan through illustration. By seeing this postcard, it makes me have a quick look for the places that can be going at Kaohsiung.

I like the content of this postcard. The handwriting of Chinese word Happy Chinese New Year was so beautiful. How I wish that I also has that writing skill.


  1. What cute postcards! I especially like the ones from Taiwan and Japan. :)

    1. Gabriela,

      Yup mostly the postcard from Taiwan and Japan are cute :)


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