Monday, 30 June 2014

Bloop Germ Blaster

I seldom use hand sanitizer as I dislike the strong smell of alcohol when using it. My perception towards hand sanitizer change when I tried to use for Bloop Germ Blaster as it has nice smell.

Bloop Germ Blaster play an important role in our life as it did kill bacteria and blasting 99.9% of germs which create a hygiene environment.

How to use:
1. Apply Bloop Germ Blaster to the palm of one hand
2. Rub hands together
3. Rub the product over all surfaces of hands and fingers until hands are dry

When I apply Bloop Anti-Bacterial Hand Gels on my hand, I was surprise that it has a pleasant smell. After that, I rub my hand together and feel a cool feeling during rubbing hand. Less than a minute, my hand is dry and clean with nice scent.  

Bloop Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel Set (29ml X 5) with 1 holder  

 Designs of Germ Blaster: Professor, Fuzzy, Dancing, Traveller & Loving
Price: RM 24.50
Link of Product with Holder: Party/ Elephant/ Christmas/ White Sheep/ Yellow Sheep

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Sunday, 29 June 2014 Food Delivery in Malaysia

Recently, two pandas from China*, Feng Yi and Fu Wa had a new name that got from Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak which are Xing Xing and Liang Liang. Now, they are in Zoo Negara Malaysia and wait for your visits. For those who born on 23 August will be able to see Xing Xing and Liang Liang for free on their birthday! So good! Unluckily that I did not born on that day :(

*The pandas are on loan in Malaysia for 10 years to mark the 40th anniversary of diplomatic ties between Malaysia and China.

Besides Xing Xing and Liang Liang, there is another virtual panda in Malaysia which is Foodpanda. is an online food delivery portal that makes customers easily to order food from restaurants in Malaysia and get it delivered at their home.

After get to know more about Foodpanda through surfing website, I had discovered that Foodpanda did not cover in East Malaysia so I cannot use for this service. I hope that Foodpanda can cover in my areas soon as I was attracted by its services.

The food delivery is suitable for lazy people such like me as I just need to click the restaurant and food that I want to order then the food will deliver to my home or office. Now, Foodpanda has its own food delivery apps for Android and iPhone that can order food directly from hand phone.

Foodpanda apps
Now, Foodpanda is available in more than 41 countries that we also can use this service during visiting to other country. As in other country that we did not familiar with the place, we can try to use Foodpanda to help us order the food without need to search around in city to find for that restaurant or take a cab to those restaurant which is far away.   

 Countries cover by Foodpanda 
This month start with FIFA World Cup so Foodpanda had offered a series of the deals such as free delivery, get a limited edition Foodpanda football, win a trip to Singapore or Penang, exclusive invitation and many more. It makes me wish that Foodpanda can extend their service to my place. 

World Cup Deals 2014
For those who is lucky that Foodpanda covering your place, why not try to order online from your favorite restaurant at to experience it.

Thursday, 26 June 2014

#5 May 2014

I had bought a new smartphone so my old hand phone becomes my alarm that place at the end of my bed.

My aunt had asked me to set up a whatapps group for our family that easily for us to share picture or information with each other.

My birthday had been passed but I had received a birthday card from Libresse. This card is so nice with 3D view.

Today was Mother Day so my family and I went to my aunt’s house to celebrate it.

I had gone to Kota Kinabalu to meet up with my friend and have a short trip to Kundasang. My friends had brought me to eat buns and red bean soup in a café that near with RHB bank. 

Labuan Buddhist Association came to my house for celebrating my sister’s birthday. Due to communication problem, my sister gets 2 cakes for her birthday.

Last, this will be my last updates for the post under category of “My Life Corner” as recently I had discover a Dayre apps that convenience for me to update my life any time.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Wordless Wednesday: Mount Kinabalu- Sabah

'Wordless Wednesday: Postcard' is recording all the postcards that I had bought from time to time for exchange purpose.

This postcard bought from me at Jesselton Point (Terminal Ferry in Kota Kinabalu) while waiting for my friends come to fetch me. Sabah is very famous with Mount Kinabalu but I did not dare to climb it.

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Jane Holli: Pick Your Shoes!

Look, do you notice that something had been missing on my outfit?

The answer is a pair of nice shoe. I really need a shoe to suit for my outfit.

Recently, I had been introduced an online shopping store named “Jane Holli” which is an established ladies handbags and shoe brand in Tokyo, Shanghai and Hong Kong.

Jane Holli was established in 2005 as a ladies handbags brand. With over 25 years’ experience in the leather-crafting industry, the Jane Holli brand sets itself apart with original, easy to match designs. We have established ourselves in main cities in Asia namely Tokyo, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur –  

As by next week, I will travel overseas so now I cannot spend too much money in online shopping and need to save more money for my travel shopping so I just done a window shopping in Jane Holli.

I had spotted a nice shoe that suitable for my outfit which is J Rosie. As I was short so wearing a pair of wedge will make me looks tall. Besides that, this wedge also suitable for a casual outfit for weekend out. I also like with this orange color which looks summer and cheerful. 

Description: Peeptoe wedge with elastic band and studs hardware
Link of Product: Jane Holli
Price:  RM 135.15 (Normal price: RM 159.00)
Color: Orange or Black

Material Upper: Natural PU (PU:Polyurethane)
Insole/Lining: Natural PU
Material Outside: Rubber
Platform Height: 3 cm
Heel Height: 8 cm

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Sunday, 22 June 2014

Bloop Urban Chic Lifestyle Duo Lipstick Eco-Chic 05

Inspired by modern and edgy Urban Chic lifestyle, Bloop had launched 5 different color of Limited Edition Urban Chic Lifestyle Duo Lipstick convenient pack with matte lipstick and lip gloss to complement the City Chic’s fast-paced lifestyle needs. The 5 different urban lifestyle range as below:-

Jetsetter 01: Natural Brown matte color lipstick + lip gloss
Sovereign 02: Ice Plum matte color lipstick + lip gloss
Swanky 03: Fuschia Pink matte color lipstick + lip gloss
New Yorker 04: Light Mocha matte color lipstick + lip gloss
Eco-Chic 05: Dragon Fruit matte color lipstick + lip gloss

Bloop Duo Lipstick is very convenient as it consist of lipstick with lip gloss which is two in one concept. Besides that, lipstick and lip gloss are combine together so it will make you easily find it in your bag compare with lipstick and lip gloss that separate which may spend your time to find both of them. 

Bloop Urban Chic Lifestyle Duo Lipstick Eco-Chic 05

Matte lipstick and lip gloss
Rich matte texture
Safe and long lasting
Hydrates and moistures
Smooth and even application
Reduces the appearance of fine lines

On the top of Bloop Duo Lipstick, you can see it has marks with 1 and 2 which means that you use lipstick first and follow with lip gloss. When you want to use it, you just slightly push them up by using finger and lipstick or lip gloss will come out.

1: Lipstick
2: Lip Gloss
How to use:

Apply a thin layer of Magic lipstick and add on lip gloss to have extra shine and glossy on lip

Slight push lipstick or lip gloss up when use it
When I opened the lipstick, it was in yellow color as it contains dragon fruit essence but when I apply it on my lip, the yellow color becomes pink color, so amazing. This duo lipstick that made me feel amazing again as the color still stay on my lip even after I drink water so I did not need to reapply every time.

Last, I had created a look with Bloop Duo Lipstick Eco-Chic 05 that suitable for beach event that inspired from Ladies First, Taiwan Beauty TV Show and it also was my first time to try for this look :)

My beach look

Bloop Urban Chic Lifestyle Duo Lipstick Eco-Chic 05

Website: Bloop
Price: RM 38.00
5% Discount Code: bloop#kienmei

FREE DELIVERY (within Malaysia only) for RM 80 online purchase & above (in single bill transaction)

Visit Bloop at Store: Parkson at NU Sentral, KL Festival City, Kota Bahru Trade Centre, Ipoh Parade & Gurney Plaza.         

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Friday, 20 June 2014

Prize from Zespri Singapore

In August 2013, I had won a prize from Zespri Singapore through blog. As before this, I did not see has any term and condition stated that this contest is open for Singapore so I join for it. When I won for the contest and give my address to Kless, she told me that the prize cannot send to Malaysia and advise me to ask my relative or friends who live in Singapore for help by send the parcel to them.

Luckily that I have a cousin works in Singapore and he agree to help me by send the parcel to his place and will bring back to me during Chinese New Year. After few months, my cousin really brings the parcel to me when he back to Labuan except umbrella because the umbrella is too big that it is not convenience for him to take for me. I was very happy when received it because my cousin remembers to bring back the parcel for me.

Now, take a look what the prize that I won consist of.

It is a woven bag from Zespri. All the small items are inside of this bag.

First is these 2 cute kiwi that in green and yellow. I had given one of them to my little sister.

The left side is a temporary tattoo sticker that you can make on hand while the right side is a set of kiwi stickers.

The left side is a couple kiwis picture of luggage tag or keychain while the right side is plaster. 

I also get a handkerchief that with kiwi cartoon.

This is a drawing book that inside of it have many blank papers. It also comes with a pen for me to draw and write.

The left side is a kiwi badge while the right side is a scoop that you can use it when you eat kiwi. This is a special design scoop that use to eat kiwi.

At last, share with you how to make a pretty kiwifruit lotus that I had saw at online.

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Wordlesss Wednesday: Rumpelstilzchen

'Wordless Wednesday: Postcard' is recording all the postcards that I had bought from time to time for exchange purpose.

This is a fairy tale that originated in Germany which I did not hear it before. This story start with a miller lies to a king that his daughter can spin straw into gold. For more details of the story can see in Wikipedia.

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Tokyo Love Soap Pure Girl

Me: Magic Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all?

Magic Mirror: Snow white as she has a fair skin.

After hearing answer, I looked with my skin and found out that I have uneven skin tone especially my foot which made me cannot be the fairest and I feel so sad. Suddenly I had heard a voice saying “I am Natta Cosme Angle, try for this Tokyo Love Soap.” After that, a box was fall from sky and I tried to catch it.

After reading the description of Tokyo Love Soap, I know that this soap has skin whitening and brightening property with a fresh unique scent of Pink Rose Petal Extracts so I can solve my uneven skin tone problem. Besides that, it has many benefits which as below:-

Mimics the scent of natural female pheromone
Creates a natural rosy-white complexion
Miroestrol fom Red Kwao Krua prepares you for that intimate moment
Powerful natural and organic skin whitening complex
Lightens the skin as early as the first use
Remove discolorations, freckles, melisma, age spots and dark spots
Even out skin tone
Make pores smaller
Clarify and tone the pores
Soften and smoothen skin
Help reduce fine lines, wrinkles and scars
Mild enough even for use on intimate areas

How to use:

1. Wet the skin.
2. Apply Tokyo Love Soap gently to the face and body.
3. Make lather and leave the product for at least 3 minutes.
4. Rinse and repeat if necessary.
Use every time you shower for best results.

The packaging of this soap is so sweet that suitable to be a gift for friends. This soap has a rose scent which calm up my mind during shower. I like this soap as it is a multipurpose soap which can be used on face and intimate area during shower that made my life easy especially during travel because I did not need to bring many products. After washing my face with Tokyo Love Soap, I feel that my face has a little tightened and clean while after shower, I feel that my skin is smooth.

Up: Before
Down: After
After using this soap for 1 week and 2 times per day, my foot can be seen that it is more light than before and my uneven skin tone also slowly become even skin tone within one week. The key to make uneven skin tone to even skin tone is leaving the bubble of soap for at least 3 minutes. If I continued using this soap, I will be the fairest soon …Hehe..

Tokyo Love Soap Pure Girl
Link of Product: Natta Cosme
Price of Product: RM 85.00 (Normal Price: RM 148.00)

Key in TLSM into coupon code during check out and you will get Tokyo Love Soap (Medicated) 15g for FREE when you purchase any Tokyo Love Soap in Natta Cosme.
*Limited 100pcs to give out, first come first serve!

Tokyo Love Soap (Medicated) is a fragrance-free, completely hypoallergenic that suitable for problematic skin experiencing acne, eczema, rashes, pustular lesions and other infectious skin conditions.

To know more about new product release and any promotion running by Natta Cosme, do follow the platform as below:

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Mother from Mei Fumitsuki

January 2014

When I was busy sorting my postcard to be blog, I was attracted by a nice sound that came from TV so I stop sorting and tried to find out who sing the song. It was a Japanese song with nice rhyme.

Sadly to say that it is a sad song that about a child in heaven who had been abuse by mum sings to his/her mum due to missing. In the lyric, can see that although his /her mums abuse him/her but he/she still love mum.  Besides that, the lyric also asking that why his/her mum throws him/her away with rubbish, sorry with his/her mum that he/she will be a good boy/girl, asking why he/she cannot live and others. It really is a touching song.

Picture credit: Facebook
文月メイ - Mei Fumitsuki
I share with you the MV of this song which sings by Mei Fumitsuki.

For those who know Chinese can have a look with this TV news that about this abuse song. It was also the way that I know for this song. I also copy a Chinese lyric translation by online user which found via Youtube. 


我很礙事嗎? 要把我跟垃圾袋一起丟掉嗎? 活著很辛苦嗎? 沒有可以依賴的人嗎? 對不起,媽媽 什麼事都不知道 什麼事都做不了 但是我只有你一個媽媽 我會當個好孩子 為什麼呢 媽媽 為什麼呢 媽媽 是神決定的嗎? 我不能繼續活下去 我啊 變成天使了唷 一直守護著媽媽 因為柔弱的媽媽 單獨一個人沒辦法生活下去對吧 對不起 媽媽 我再大一點的話 就能幫忙你了說 但是我只有你一個媽媽 也不會有第二次相逢的機會了 為什麼呢 媽媽 為什麼呢 媽媽 是神明決定的嗎? 我不能繼續活下去了 對不起 媽媽 再也不能陪在你身邊了 再也不能迎接明天了 但是我只有你一個媽媽 不要討厭我唷 為什麼呢 媽媽 為什麼呢 媽媽 是神明決定的嗎 我不能繼續活下去了 為什麼呢 媽媽 為什麼呢 媽媽 我把我的羽毛 一根放在這裡

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Wordless Wednesday: Natural Herbs Postcard

'Wordless Wednesday: Postcard' is recording all the postcards that I had bought from time to time for exchange purpose.

This series of postcard has an illustration of natural herbs or flowers.  This postcard only has flower illustration without any name or description of flowers so I just know flowers rose and sunflower while other did not know what their name is.

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