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Monday, 27 April 2015

Postcard DIY: Clown Play Ball

Before this, I used circle sticker as bubble which you can refer post of “Postcard DIY: Blowing Bubbles” while this post, I used circle sticker as ball so I draw clown.

For me, clown was no easy to draw especially his hand. I cannot draw his right hand same as left hand so I used sticker to cover his right hand that made like the clown get the ball. 

This time, after draw the clown, I found out that it has many empty spaces at the left of postcard so I searched online to find meaningful words about clown. The words sound like every of us like a clown whose play 5 balls. These 5 balls are work, health, family, friends and soul. One of the balls is made from rubber which will bounce back when fall and it is work. The other four balls are made of glass which easy break.


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