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Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Cite Book Garden: E-coupon

On last year, I was so lucky that had won RM 50 of E-coupon which can spend at Cite Book Garden. In order to use this coupon, I need to spend minimum RM 50 for the purchases.

The book which purchased by me as below:-

文具手贴Season 07:旅行中,寄明信片给自己

In this book, I like the postcard sharing by Taiwan and Malaysia friends because their postcard are so special and I did not seen before. Besides that this book had introduced Postcrossing and I was attracted by the travelling notebook. It looks fun and meaningful that a notebook travel to everywhere and decorate or writing by many people. Besides postcard, this book also has many stationery introductions. This book had free 4 pieces of postcards.


India is a mystery country so I choose to buy this book to know more about India. I also like the illustration in this book which is so beautiful. The author sharing her experiences in India (New Delhi, Arga, Jaipur and Varanasi). At last, the author had made exhibition about India named “India Suitcase” in China to let many people know about the beauty of India.

I did not spend above RM 150 so I need to pay for postage. I found out that the postage is quite reasonable because I can choose for Register Mail which cost me RM 6.  Recently I had some books that wish to buy, hope I can win again. Haha..


  1. Haha, I was purchasing some books in CITE today, Googling for E-coupon code and stumbled on your post. Thought you are giving away your E-Coupon but anyway, thanks for sharing. The price at CITE is pretty reasonable, now with free domestic shipping for RM39 and above.

    1. Waco,
      I also hope that I have many E-coupons to be giving away. Hehe..

      In this post I just recording the E-coupons that I get from a contest and what book that I bought.

      CITE really is a good place to buy books.


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