Friday, 13 February 2015

Esplanade Shopping Mall: Art in Paradise 3D

Getting Here: Take MRT to Thai Cultural Center

Art in Paradise is a museum which exhibits interactive art. It is a permanent exhibition that audience can take photo and touch the paintings. The photo will vary according to the posed, the facial expressions of individuals. The admission fee as below:-

Adults 180 Baht/ Children 120 Baht (Under 130cm is free of charge)/ Disables are free of charge

Adults 300 Baht/ Children 200 Baht (Under 130cm is free of charge)/ Disables are free of charge

06 July 2014 (Sunday)

Before to Bangkok, I always thought that Art in Paradise was in Pattaya until I had saw my friend post in her Facebook during her Bangkok trip.           

After having breakfast and shop in Chatuchak Weekend Market, we had took MRT to Esplanade Shopping Mall to look for Art in Paradise. When in MRT Station “Thai Cultural Center”, I had saw some 3D art in the station that under renovation.

When came out from MRT Station, you will see Esplanade Shopping Mall is near with this station. 

Inside of Esplanade Shopping Mall has many shops and its cinema’s lobby was so comfortable. Our main target is for Art in Paradise so we did not shop in this shopping mall.

After buying ticket, we need to put our bag and shoes in a counter and they will take care for us. In entrance of Art in Paradise has a Pia Café and during purchase ticket, it has a 30% discount coupon for you to spend in this café.

Inside of Art in Paradise have lots of 3D arts for you to take photo of. My friend and I took by turn to take photo with 3D arts. Before entering it, you will see lots of 3D illustrations.

On some wall, you will see some picture demonstration with 3D art so that you will have some idea of how to take a picture with these 3D arts.

It has 2 floors for you to take picture with 3D arts so we had spent around 2-3 hours in here.

There really have lots of 3D arts that indirectly I had missed with some of them when I saw friend’s pictures after came out from here.

While making some action with 3D art, my friend said that I keep laughing that did not look real such as when walk on a plank. As I was not so good in acting and it did not scary at all so usually I will show a smile face when took picture. Haha..

Besides 3D art, it also has some interactive media that I did not tried for it which you can see more in the video that I took from Youtube at the end of this post. These media exhibition will be interacting with audiences by responding to their facial expression and gesture.

When we getting finished visit those 3D art, I had saw lots of students come here. Luckily that we arrive more early than those students, if not we need to spend longer time in waiting for our turn to take picture with 3D art.

After we came out from Art in Paradise, we had seen a magic chair that will let you become small if you sit on it. Then, we also play with it by ask one of friends sit on it while two of us become giant and bully she. To take this bully picture was not so easy as the one who help to take picture of must made some instruction for us so that it will look real.

This video that I took from Youtube will get you some idea what inside of Art in Paradise. This was very fun that I super recommend you to go there.

Art in Paradise (Bangkok)
99 Esplanade Shopping Mall, 4th Floor,
Ratchadapisek Road,
Din Daeng, Bangkok, 104000,
Opening Hour: 10.00 a.m. – 10.00 p.m. every day
Website: Art in Paradise

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