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Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Miri Trip 2015

At early of year 2015, I had gone to Miri with my friends as we went to attend Ning Ning wedding dinner. Thanks for the wedding invitation that I had opportunity travel to Miri.

Miri is Sarawak second largest city which located in Northeast Sarawak close to Brunei border. As I just went to Miri for a short trip so did not have times go to Brunei.

1 Jan 2015

Kota Kinabalu (BKI) >> Miri (MYY) AK 6073 15:30

I travel to Miri from Kota Kinabalu with my friends so in the morning, I took ferry express from Labuan. The time we went to Miri, the sky was raining. Luckily the plane was safety landing at Miri Airport.

As in Kota Kinabalu also raining so I had plan to bring umbrella to Miri but thinking that the Immigrant staff will take my umbrella as he or she may think it is weapon. Last, I really think too much that actually can bring umbrella during local travel with flight. Then, in Miri I had bought an umbrella as 5 of us only has one umbrella that impossible to be sharing. Haha..

Before to Miri, my friend in Miri had helped us to book hotel which near with her wedding dinner place (Meritz Hotel) which is Kingsley Hotel. From Meritz Hotel, you can direct go to Bintang Mega Mall as both of them are combining.

After knew the hotel that we stayed, it’s time for me to search for a map to know nearby hotel have what places that we can go. Although Miri is small, I still took some time to get know about it and found out that the information about Miri is limited.

Below is the map that I get from Google which be a guide for us to go around.

Pic credit: Google

2 Jan 2015

Decoration in Meritz Hotel
In the morning after breakfast, we went to Miri Handicraft Centre to look for street art. After that, it’s time for shopping and we were having lunch in Sushi King (Bintang Mega Mall).  After lunch, we went back hotel to rest and get ready for wedding dinner.

3 Jan 2015

Miri (MYY) >> Kota Kinabalu (BKI) AK 6074 16:45

After breakfast, as yesterday we had gone to shopping and go around so today did not have any nearer place that we can explore. Then, my friend suggest go to farer place and we had asked for hotel receptionist and she suggested that we can hire a taxi to fetch us go around. 

Lastly, we had rent a taxi executive which is bigger than usual taxi that can fit for 7 persons. Our driver is Stephanie who took us go around. She even listed down all the places that we can go on a paper. If I not mistaken, we rent taxi started from 11 a.m. until 3 p.m which includes to airport that cost us RM 230.

When in Miri City Fan, our friend who married yesterday wanted to pick us so we had stop at here and paid RM 200 to Stephanie. Our friend had brought us for tea time to have a small chat before go to airport.

Accommodation: Kingsley Hotel

Places that listed but did not have time to go: Taman Awam, Tua Pek Kong Temple, Taman Selera (Beach)

Shopping Mall: Bintang Mega Mall & Imperial Mall


  1. The hot air balloon (balloon) is so cute...

    1. 小影,

      Agree!! These hot balloons are at Miri shopping mall.


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