Sunday, 30 June 2013

Doggie Lanuguages

Dear dog lovers,

I would like to share with you about the body languages of dog that I found at Touch of Home Pet Care. It is an useful guide for you so that you will know well about your dog. 

*Click image for enlarge view*

Saturday, 29 June 2013

Missha M Signature Real Complete BB Cream SPF25 PA+++ (Sample)

This BB Cream comes with multi-function such as has UV protection of SPF25, repairs wrinkle and whitens skin.  It is suitable for all skin types.

How to use:-
After your basic skin care regimen, take appropriate amount and spread evenly onto your facial skin and pat gently with your finger tips for complete absorption.

Texture of BB Cream
The BB Cream that I used has a shade of No.21 Light Pink Beige which makes my face become brighter after applied it. For perfect coverage especially for the part of face acne, I will dab some BB Cream on my acne after apply with BB Cream for my whole face.

This BB Cream does not make my face feel heavy after apply it. It has SPF25 which more suitable for indoor activity.

Friday, 28 June 2013

Borneo Arts Festival 2013 (Part B)

In this post, I will share about the activities that held during the times I go for Borneo Arts Festival.

Face Drawing Competition
Title: The Most Adorable Monster Face

At here, you can see a lot of people whose include me to see the outcome of the participants’ faces after being drawing. Some of participants’ faces look cute while others look scary.  

Participants who has finished with face drawing will sit down in one place to wait for other participants that still in the process to finish up their face drawing.

The tools that use for this face drawing is mainly on water color which you can see at the picture as below. After finished with the face drawing, participants need to fan or wait for the color on face dry. 

Some of the participants were so brave to try for this face drawing especially those with scary face. If I, I will be frighten of my scary face. I like the faces of participants from children which is cute and nice.

Some of the female participants mess up their hairs during photography session so that they will be look more scary.

Cooking Competition
Title: Culinary for Traditional Borneo

The times I went to see the competition, it had been started. All the participants co-operate with their partners to cook for a delicious meal. Judges also walked around to see the performance for the participants. 

The times flies that I did not even notice that I had been taking around 1 hour at there. It’s time to go back. Bye, Borneo Arts Festival.

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Kiwi Stamp (New Zealand)

Whangara - Piha Beach - Sandfly Beach - Cape Kidnappers (Left to Right)

When saw for these stamps, the word of “Kiwi Stamp” made me very curious as the name was so special and cute with using the word of fruits which is "Kiwi".

As usual, search online to find out why it calls “Kiwi Stamp”.

During the First World War, the name “Kiwi” for New Zealand soldiers came into general use and a giant kiwi (now known as the Bulford Kiwi), was craved on the chalk hill above Sling Camp in England. Use has now spread so that now all New Zealanders overseas and at home are commonly referred to as “Kiwis”- Wikipedia

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Borneo Arts Festival 2013 (Part A)

Date: 23 June 2013
Venue: Dataran Labuan

After the photography exhibition, I went to Dataran Labuan to take a look for the event that ongoing for Borneo Arts Festival. First, I went to see the handicraft exhibitions. 

The makers for the handicraft are so talent that by using some simple materials and a pair of skillful hands can make out those beautiful handicrafts. 

At Dataran Labuan, I can hear some of music playing from time to time as on the stage has some performers play for some nice music.

During this Borneo Arts Festival, it has many stalls that open for business. It has variety of stalls such as food, clothes, toys, accessories and others. As the stalls that opened were so many that start from one side to other side so I only walk and see for some near stalls. 

At Part B, I will sharing for the competitions that ongoing during my visit for Borneo Arts Festival.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Photography Exhibition with Theme “Colors of Borneo"

Date: 23 June 2013
Venue: 1st Floor of Restaurant Warisan

Last Sunday, my family and I had gone to a photography exhibition to take a look for the photography with the theme of “Colors of Borneo”. As I am not an expert in photography part so I was very curious about what kinds of photography that will be taken by photographer for this theme.

First impression of the venue was very big as I did not go to there before. As the photographs that showed for this exhibition was not so much so you can saw that the place has lots of empty spaces. It is good as you will not feel like so pack.

All of the photography is comes from the Project of Labuan in Visual Retrospective. At the picture, you will see a hand that holding the image (original image which is the pictures of black and whites that had been recorded around 1941-1980’s around Labuan) in front and the photographer will shooting the current place of the image with a wider perspective than the original picture.

Through the pictures, I can saw that some of the places in Labuan have significant changes compare with before. I was impressed that the black and white photographs still has been well saved so that we still have opportunity to see it.

Now, is the turn to see the photography with the theme of “Colors of Borneo”. All the pictures are in color. 

At the gallery, it has a stage which also has some photographs to see. 

Unexpectedly that my mum had spotted her uncle in the picture (as above) which taken by someone at long times ago.

At last, before go out, staff of exhibition has been asked for us to leave an autograph for this event. 

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