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Krabi & Bangkok Itinerary 2014

Actually for this Thailand trip, all of us 9 people joining for it but due to some personal reason that only left 4 of us travelling. Before this, the Bangkok had political instability issue. Luckily that in June, the Thailand government announced that the curfew had been cancelled and also seeing many friends safety back from Thailand. If not, we are planning stay in hotel at night due to curfew.

For our Thailand trip, we went to Krabi first for island hoping and followed by Bangkok. All the flight tickets had been bought by last year with amount of RM 350 during Air Asia Promotion. Besides that, we had purchase 20 kg luggage for flight from Bangkok to Kuala Lumpur about 600 baht or RM 60 while for flight Kuala Lumpur to Kota Kinabalu about RM 30. Last, our luggage is around 13kg. I was sharing luggage with my friend.

02 July 2014 (Wednesday)

8.00 a.m. – 10.00 a.m. Labuan >> Menumbok (Big Ferry)
10.30 a.m. – 12 a.m. Menumbok >> Kota Kinabalu (Bus)

My initial plan was take Ferry Express from Labuan to Kota Kinabalu (KK) but when I went to ticket counter, I had been told that Ferry will only available for afternoon session. As initial plan cannot work so I change to another plan which is taking big ferry to Menumbok and follow by bus to KK.

Around 7.30 a.m., it was stated raining and I feel lucky that I had bring backpack instead of luggage as luggage was not so convenience for me as I need to go up and down of the ferry stairs. This was my first time alone took this ferry as usually I took for ferry express by self. That day was Wednesday which was not in weekend so the ferry was not crowded by people.  

After few hours in ferry, the ferry arrived at Menumbok. Before went down from ferry, I had write the plate number of bus on my hand in order for me to know which bus should I go without refer the small ticket. The bus ticket was bought along when purchase ferry ticket.

Ferry Ticket for LBN-MBK: RM 5.00
Bus Ticket for MBK-KK: RM 18.00

When I searched around to find my bus, I had been asked by a man what number plate of bus that I took. Then, I showed him the bus ticket and he pointed me to the bus. The bus that I took was double decker which same as my previous Kundasang trip’s bus when I was back to Labuan. The seat in bus is free seat so I choose to sit at above.

Around 10 a.m., the bus departure. During the bus trip, a man who sits behind my seat was sleeping with sound. Look like he was too tired. Around 12.00 p.m., the bus arrived at bus stop. My friend waits for me at there. After that, she brings me for lunch.

Yee Fung Laksa
My friend brings me to Kedai Kopi Yee Fung which located at Jalan Gaya. I had been heard for this shop before as it is famous with laksa. That time we went to there, it was crowded by people. The staff at there asked us to share a table with others. We had ordered for laksa and Ice Lemon Tea.

After ordered for laksa, I had gone to toilet for a while. When I was backed from washroom, I was told by my friend that many people want to take my chair. Luckily, I went there with my friends so that my friend can help me look for my seat. If not, my seat will be occupied as everyone looks for a seat.

The Yee Fung Laksa contains of vermicelli, prawn, fried egg, chicken and so on. Different from others laksa that it did not taste spicy but it is full of creamy curry taste. It is very suitable for those who dislike spicy. The people that sit opposite us had ordered Claypot Chicken Rice.  

Dinner at Kedai Kopi Kelombong
In night, my friend brings me to Kedai kopi Kelombong for dinner. We had ordered prawn, fried noodle, Guo Tie (Potstickers) which is a type of dumpling and chicken wing. That night, only two of us to finish these entire dishes so we feel so full after this dinner.

03 July 2014 (Thursday)

7.10 a.m. – 9.10 a.m. Kota Kinabalu >> Kuala Lumpur (Flight AK5135)

Around 6.00 a.m., my friend and I took taxi to airport. During the security checking, the security alarm was ringing because I was wearing belt. After that, we wait for flight to be departure. At the same time, my friends in Kuching also flight to Kuala Lumpur. We will meet at airport soon. 

1.15 p.m. – 1.40 a.m. Kuala Lumpur >> Krabi (Flight AK868)

04 July 2014 (Friday)

Breakfast at The Buddy Restaurant (Restaurant in Ananta Burin Resort) >> Island Hoping (Phi Phi Island) >> Lunch at Islands >> Dinner at food stall opposite Apasari Krabi >> Massage at Nichakarn Massage & House >> Ananta Burin Resort

05 July 2014 (Saturday)

10.50 a.m. – 12.05 p.m. Krabi >> Bangkok (Flight FD3230)

Breakfast at The Buddy Restaurant (Restaurant in Ananta Burin Resort) >> Krabi International Airport >> Dong Muang Airport Bangkok >> The Berkeley Hotel >> Lunch at Platinum food stall (Road side) >> Platinum Fashion Mall >> Asiatique The Riverfront >> Dinner at Asiatique- NanYuan Noodle >> The Berkeley Hotel

Terminal 21

06 July 2014 (Sunday)


07 July 2014 (Monday)

Art in Paradise 

08 July 2014 (Tuesday)

7.10 a.m. – 10.15 a.m. Bangkok >> Kuala Lumpur (Flight FD311)
2.25 p.m. – 5.00 p.m. Kuala Lumpur >> Kota Kinabalu (Flight AK5114)

The Berkeley Hotel >> Dong Muang Airport Bangkok >> Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 @ KLIA 2 (Lunch) >> Kota Kinabalu

When in Kota Kinabalu, my friend and I took for Taxi to go back to my friend’s house. We just went nearby restaurant to order our dinner. My dinner was Fish Chop Rice. When waiting for our dinner to be prepared, I went to Multi-Bake to buy some bread for my tomorrow breakfast. 

Madame Tussauds
09 July 2014 (Wednesday)

8.00 a.m. - 11.00 a.m. Kota Kinabalu >> Labuan (Labuan Express Tiga)

In the morning, my friend fetched me to Jesselton Point to take Ferry Express back to Labuan. I already bought the ferry ticket when arrived Kota Kinabalu so I will not need to worry that I cannot get a ticket as ferry was full. That day was weekday so the ferry still has many empty places. After 3 hour in ferry, finally I was safety arrived my home.

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