Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Wordless Wednesday: Happy Family

'Wordless Wednesday: Postcard' is recording all the postcards that I had brought from time to time for exchange purpose.

Compare with other postcard, this series of postcard is a little bit small in term of size but I like with this illustration which warm up my heart.

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Let’s Travel Magazine January 2014

December 2013
I had saw 8TV had organized a travel picture contest that just need to submit a delight travel picture to them and the prize is Let’s Travel Magazine. After saw this, I had chosen a travel picture with my friends in Kundasang to be submit.

January 2014
I had received a call from 8TV staff that she needs to reconfirm my address as they want to send me the magazine. I was very happy to hear of it as I like to read magazine. After few days, the magazine safely arrived at my house. 

This was my first time to read Let’s Travel Magazine although I had been heard for this magazine before. The selling price of this magazine at East Malaysia is RM 11.20 while West Malaysia is RM 10.00.

The purpose of 8TV giveaway this magazine as one of 8TV host, Desmond had been contributed of his Europe experience in this magazine. The picture of Venice is so beautiful. 

Lonely Planet had chosen top 10 best travel country which include Malaysia too. 

In this magazine also has some discussion of couch-surfing with Luke who always welcome couch-surfing, Chris who had been couch-surfing to some countries and John who did not interested with couch-surfing due to safety purpose.

By reading this magazine, I really gain lot of knowledge such as know that a place in England name Todmorden has promote vegetable tourism that you can pick the vegetables for free. Besides that, Denmark flag equal to birthday that if someone celebrate birthday, his/her house will put a flag on it.

In this magazine has a year planner 2014 that I can mark or write my schedule on it.

Besides monthly schedule, this year planner also has some recommend travel places in Malaysia that introduce by photographer, blogger, singer and others. 

The reason I took this page of travel places because I spotted "Labuan", my current living place but it did not introduce my place but more on Menumbok.

This is a brochure about Nagoya, Japan and it is a good travel guide if you wish to travel to Nagoya soon as it did introduce some interesting places. 

Saturday, 26 April 2014

Happy Birthday Gift

Take a guess what is it in the picture?

1. It is not a beauty product.
2. It makes personalized for birthday gift.

If still cannot guess for it, click read more to reveal the answer (*.*)

Friday, 25 April 2014

2014-03 Favorite Postcards Received

On 28th March, I was receiving back a postcard that I sent to Taiwan. I think maybe the postman confuses with I am the one who is receiver as at right side of postcard has 2 addresses. Usually I will stick my own address on left side of postcard but in this postcard, I had fully utilize the left side space in there so I did not had enough space to put my address that I decide to put on right side.

After discuss with the receiver, she suggest me to send the return postcard by put in an envelope. I had showed a picture of my postcard (as above picture) to she for explanation. She suggest that next time I need to put the word of “To” and “From” to prevent the postcard missed send back to me.

This is a Taiwan screen postcard that has a film of Ali Mountain. Ali Mountain looks so beautiful and it was my second time to hear someone told me that Ali Mountain is a good place to see sunset. 

When receiving this postcard, I have no idea about what is Amish Country as did not heard about it before. By looking with the picture of postcard, I can know that Amish Country has farm, horse and others which has a beautiful scenery.

This is a Taiwan building shaped postcard. I like shaped postcard as it looks special. Before this, Lin had made an exchange postcard by request us send a postcard to her mum. In this postcard, she told me that the postcard project of send a postcard to her mum very successful as now her relationship with her mum become good as they always discuss postcard that receive. Before this, she always quarrel with her mum and did not know how to live together with her mum as she study at outside.  

When you see of this postcard, did you feel funny? Qi told me that the seller of this postcard also a funny person. No wonder the postcard can make someone happy too.

This is a comic postcard about a grandma with a postman. The grandma is so good that treat the postman a cup of coffee when he deliver letter to she. 

This postcard show a picture of a girl was so happy when her boyfriend proposes to she. On postcard has a word of “爱你1314” means love you forever. At the back of postcard has Taiwan postmark about Taiwan and Valentine Day.

Fritz - Det - Anton
Edi - Comi - Berti
Do you know who are them? In Germany, they are called as "Little Mainz Men" that since more than 40 years they intercept TV ads with tiny little firms where 6 of them face some challenges and resolve with fun. For more information, read in Wikipedia or ESC:Ramon.

Through postcard, I know that Kentucky State, USA’s feature is deer, horse racing, parrots and others. According to Wikipedia, Kentucky is a state located in the East South Central Region of the United States. It known as "Bluegrass State" a nickname based on bluegrass found in many of its pastures because of the fertile soil.

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Wordless Wednesday: Sleeping Beauty

'Wordless Wednesday: Postcard' is recording all the postcards that I had brought from time to time for exchange purpose.

This is a fairy tale postcard that involve with a beautiful princess, enchantment of sleep and a handsome prince.

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Etude House Nymph Aura Volumer (Sample)

Do you know that it is important to apply the right shade of BB cream on your face?

Story started with my BB cream had been running out so I asked my sister to buy a BB cream for me as she will hang out with her friends. Before she goes out, I had showed my current BB cream to my sister so that it will easy for she to search for.

After she came back with BB cream, I had found out that my sister had brought a wrong shade of BB cream which is a shade darker from my current shade. I think it would be not a big problem so I had used it but when I apply it, my face indirectly darker than usual so I had stop to use it.

Left: My current shade of BB cream
Right: BB cream that bought by my sister 

Moral of the story:
Buy BB cream by yourself.
If really need the help of others to buy BB cream, remember to tell them about the shade of BB cream that use by you.

In this post, I will talk about Nymph Aura Volume which is a multi-function cream that maximizes the radiance glow on skin by mixing it with any liquid foundation, base or BB cream.

How to use:-
Apply evenly on skin with 1:3 mix of BB cream or foundation. When used for highlighting, apply on the nose, forehead and cheekbones with only the volume.

It was my first time to use Nymph Aura Volume that need to be mix with BB cream so to know the different of BB cream with and without of Nymph Aura Volume, I had tested on my hand and separate them with area for explanation.

Area A: BB cream that mix with Nymph Aura Volume
Area B: BB cream only

As you can see through the picture that Area A is more shining or radiance glow on my skin compare with Area B. Besides that, Area A seem more moisturize than Area B because through Area B, you still can see my hand’s lines clearly.

This volume has good effect on skin that makes skin looks more perfect and flawless but I just think that whether the SPF of BB cream will be effect when mixing with this volume that the SPF will not function well or low in protection?

Monday, 21 April 2014

#3 March 2014

My family had organized family gathering in my house as welcome my aunt from Kedah come here for a visit. Besides that, we had made a birthday surprise for my aunt too.

It was my first times to receive Naraya bag. The bag is so beautiful with flower printed.

My mum and I had baked a layer cake. Compare with sponge cake, I more preferred sponge cake. 

My bosses from Hong Kong had pay for a visit in my office. One of my bosses gave us chocolate as a gift. Before meet with them, I was so nervous. After met with them, I found out that they are so friendly and nice. During dinner, one of bosses sharing his experience in China that he had tries for monkey brain, so disgusting! 

I had got a 4GB pen drive for me to store some pictures in it.

When went to Pasar Tani, I had saw some people signing banner of blessing MH 370 for a return. I also went there for a sign. 

This macaroon lip balm is so cute. My sister thought this macaroon can be eat because this macaroon lip balm looks like a real macaroon.

This day had met with a helpful girl that she saw my mother’s car had been blocked by a lorry that made us difficult to move and she knew the driver of the lorry so she found and asked the driver to drive away his lorry.

In night, my house’s phone was ringing and I pick up the call. This phone call was called by my friends as she can’t find me through my hand phone so she was worry about me. Actually, I had put my hand phone in room with silent mode so I did not know that my friends find for me. She and other frineds really are my caring friends who always care for me :)

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Postcard DIY: Happy Easter Day 2014

As I seen many handmade postcard was so beautiful so I decided to do too but my drawing skills was not good so I tried for easy postcard DIY first.

My general DIY idea was not focus on drawing but mix with cut and paste. As Easter day is coming soon so it’s good for me to draw a rabbit as drawing rabbit was not so complicated.

To do a Happy Easter Day theme postcard, I need to prepare an alphabet ruler to draw the word of “Happy Easter Day” and some colorful papers. 

Next is a blank postcard that I can do anything I want on it. Other materials include scissors, glue, pen and water color markers. 

First, draw the word of “Happy Easter Day” on the blank side/ at the back of colorful papers.

After that, cut the alphabet by using scissors. When I finished cut some of it, I realize that I had drawn wrongly of the alphabet. As I had drawn “P” on back side of paper, then the results will be the other side of “P” (refer picture as below).

In order to get the right side of “P” then on the back side of paper, I need to draw an other side of “P” so when I cut it, the results will be the “P” that I want (refer picture as below).

After finished cut out the words that I want, it’s time for me to arrange accordingly.

In this postcard, I arranged the same word with same color that Happy (red color), Easter (orange color) and Day (green color).

After arranged and paste the word on postcard, I started to draw a rabbit at the right side of postcard and some eggs behind the word of “Day”.

After drawing a rabbit, it’s time for coloring. After color, the postcard had been done.

I had drawn 3 postcards and had been sent out. Recently, I had been received a feedback from one of my friends that my handmade postcard was so beautiful as first she saw of it, she just wonder where do I buy it before she read the message on postcard. I am very happy when heard of it!

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