Monday, 20 April 2015

Chinese New Year Cards 2015

In this year, I had made Goat Year Red Packets to my friends. Some of them were sending Chinese New Year Card for me.

Meteor is a friend whose we knew each other because I had won a prize from her Facebook page. After few months, she had private massage (PM) me to fill a form so she can send Christmas card to me. In this year, I had sent my DIY red packet to she. I did not expect will get any return from she. After Chinese New Year, I had received her DIY sheep cards and cute 3D card. So surprise!!!

This was Chinese New Year card from Bao Qiong. Inside of this card, she had use colorful dot dot to draw a mandarin orange. So creative!!

This Chinese New Year card with red packets sent from Angeline Wong, a Malaysia singer. It is every easy to get it just PM my address to she and she will send to me. The red packets are so beautiful.

After received my Goat year red packet, my friend suddenly feel want to send me Chinese New Year greeting. She did not have any card so she wrote a letter for me.  It made me knew that Chinese New Year not compulsory must send a card, you also can write a letter to someone you care as long as you take effort to write it. 

This card from Sheta who done a nice decoration for the card by stamping with stickers. The stamping is so cute and beautiful.

This card was send from my friend who did not send Chinese New Year card for long time ago. After received my goat year red packet, she feel want to send card for me. I was thinking that is this the power of send Chinese New Year greeting through card or red packet?

DstoryLINES was sending a cute sheep card to me. Inside of this card has lots of cute sheep.

Su Qian was so creative that sent DIY Chinese New Year card for me. The card was so special.


  1. 很多卡片,心意满满,看了很开心。


    1. 美云,



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