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Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Krabi & Bangkok 2014: Shopping Haul

Thailand especially Bangkok is a shopping heaven but in this trip, compare with my friends, my haul is the lesser. They really bought a lot. I think maybe either I am a rational buyer or I did not see the things that I like.


In Krabi, I had bought Meiji brand yogurt as I have constipation problem in the first day. My friend had bought yogurt with coconut flavor which is more delicious.

This is Paddle Pop ice-cream that did not see at Malaysia before which bought by my friend.

This is a small note book with a nice 3D cover that also bought by my friend. This note book really has beach feel.

These entire magnets cost 300 Baht which is a great souvenir to friends and family.

The soaps are in fruits shape which is so lovely. All these soaps cost me 900 Baht after negotiate with the owner. The soap has the smell of the fruits.

This is all the snacks that my friends bought which include the yummy coconut yogurt. She also bought a mask. Pocky snack is a popular snack in Thailand.


My picture of shopping haul is unclear due to the romantic light in hotel but I had done some small editing. As I took all the haul pictures at the night and end of the day because at the early of the morning, I need went to airport so I have no choice but just snap some pictures under romantic light. If I took picture after I come back, surely I will forget it.

This Thai keychian was bought by me in airport while wait for the flight arrived.

As Malaysia did not have pork porridge so I had bought 2 sachets of porridge for my family to try for it. The taste is good.

This is the milk candy that I bought from 7-11. Before go to Bangkok, I had knew that this candy is quite popular among tourists.

This is another type of milk candy. I did not know what the different between these 2 candies is as I dislike milk candy. My family quite likes to eat fish sheet so I had bought some to them.

Although this peanut can be finding in Malaysia but this snack’s packaging was in Thai words so has little different compare with Malaysia. The one that I bought was truly original. Haha..

I had bought bread for my tomorrow breakfast as we need to go to airport in the early in the morning so I scared did not have time to buy for breakfast. This cracker is so tasty as my friends had given to me tried before so I bought one for my family. I cannot bring too many packs of cracker as it is eating space. I had bought pork floss from Thailand for my family tried which also good to eat with porridge.

This belt is for my father which bought at the stalls which in the front of The Berkeley Hotel.

These shirts were for my sisters and I. I will let them to choose first. The 3 shirts from top were bought from Chatuchak Weekend Market while the rest was from the stall in front of our hotel.

This is the only dress that I bought also at the stall that operates in front of our hotel.

In Siam Paragon, I had bought some Naraya bags for a gift. Naraya bag has many varieties from cosmetic bag to pouch and others. I really took lots of time to find some bags because due to money limitation. If I have many money, surely I will bought each of the bag for my collection *Dreaming*


  1. Ahhh, this post made me so hungry! I really wish they sold the Paddle Pop ice cream here in the States... it looks so good.

    1. Gabriela,
      You can try Paddle Pop ice-cream when you travel to Krabi.


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