Thursday, 31 December 2015

Manila Trip 2015: Manila Ocean Park: Oceanarium, Fish Spa, Trails to Antarctica, Jellies Exhibit, Birds of Prey Kingdom & Sharks and Rays Dry Encounter

Oceanarium (Monday – Friday: 10am to 9pm; Weekends & Holidays: 9am to 8pm)

The Oceanarium is home to 14,000 marine creatures from around 277 species, all indigenous to the Philippines and Southeast Asia.

In Oceanarium, I had seen many fishes ate for cabbage. Now I just knew that fish also eat for the vegetable. Hehe..

Inside of Oceanarium have lots of fishes which I did not see before. When take picture, remember not to use flash to scare away the fish although inside quite dark.

I did not know what the name of this type of fish. From their body, I can saw baby fish inside their body.

It is very difficult to take a picture of the fish because they keep moving. One of my friends told me that it has fish that lazy to move so asked me quickly take picture of.  The fishes really stop at here for me to take picture of.

Same as Siam Ocean World in Bangkok that Manila Ocean Park has a walkaway tunnel with 220 degree curved acrylic walls so can see fishes swimming overhead.

In the Magic Tank, you can place your hand at the center of the aquarium hole to feel the water and touch the fishes. I saw many children love for it.  At first, when fishes touch my hand, I immediately took back my hand but when I saw little kids are so brave then I tried again and be brave. 

Fish Spa, 2nd Level (Monday – Friday: 10am to 7pm; Weekends & Holidays: 9am to 7pm)

Have a relaxing moment as doctor fishes nibble dead skin cells from your tired feet, leaving you with rejuvenated skin and a refreshing feeling the natural way. All you have to do is sit back and have fun with these therapeutic fishes as they feast on your toes.

This was my first time to try for the fish spa. It is so “Geli” (ticklish). I kept said “Ah….Ah….” to distract my attention towards those doctor fishes. After few minutes, I felt better when they nibble my dead skin.

When enjoying nibble by those fishes, I had read information about doctor fishes on the wall.

Doctor fish also called Nibble Fish, Kangal Fish and Bonefish (in New Zealand) is a species of fish that lives and breeds in the pools of some Turkish River systems and hot springs. In modern times, they have been integrated as a spa treatment. Doctor Fish grows up to 7cm in length and has a lifespan of 6 to 7 years.

Their lips are puffy but strong. They are the only species from the Garra Family who nibble on food even after they are full, consuming dry and dead skin. The research found that these fish produce an enzyme called Diathanal, in their saliva. This enzyme fastens the regeneration process of the skin.

Trails to Antarctica (Penguin Exhibit & Snow Village) Monday to Friday: 10am to 8pm; Weekends & Holidays: 9am to 8pm

Trails to Antarctica: The Penguin Quest brings you closer to the coldest and most mysterious place on earth. It features a walk through exhibit where you can learn more about the frozen continent, live Humbold penguins in the Penguin Exhibit and a freezing Snow Village.

The penguins drawing of kids are so cute and nice.

In Manila Ocean Park, it has a first baby penguin born at there. The name of baby penguin is “Kaya”. When the baby was 3 month old, it had received a special blessing from Fr. Jacob Gomes, a Catholic priest. On 29 October 2014, it had its first swim.

“KAYA” is a short term for “Kaya natin ito!” which is a Tagalog term for competence or ability. Kaya also means encouragement to all the hardworking staff of Manila Ocean Park.

In Penguin Exhibit can see some penguins swimming and standing at there.

Before go into Snow Village, we had been provided a jacket. Snow Village is so small and it provides some places for you to take picture of. It is so cold and watches for your step as it is so slippery.

Inside Snow Village can see snowman, snow, penguins, Christmas tree and many more.

Jellies Exhibit (Monday – Friday: 10am to 7pm; Weekends & Holidays: 9am to 7pm)

Jellyfishes are commonly known as “dancing sea fairies” gracefully gliding below and on the surface. The Jellies Exhibit has various species with a fascinating display of multi-media effects and breathtaking music.

Jellyfishes are a transparent creatures so in this exhibit, you will see the color light on their body to make them so colorful.

Inside exhibit also has some mirrors to make you have false illustration that the Jellyfishes are so many. Actually it is a mirror reflection.

I can have a closer view towards Jellyfishes. They are so beautiful. When watched for Jellyfishes dancing, my brain has a question that where is the organ of Jellyfish? Jellyfish is transparent so I can see that it has nothing but when I searched online. I had seen an organ picture for Jellyfish which as below:-

Image credit to HK Marine Life
Based on Oceana, the body of Jellyfish is 95% water which means they are perfectly camouflaged. The body of a Jellyfish is divided into 3 main parts which are the umbrella, the oral arms (around the mouth) and the stinging tentacles.

The Jellyfishes drawing of children are so cute.

Birds of Prey Kingdom (Daily: 10:30am to 6:00pm)

Birds of Prey Kingdom features one of the most stunning coastal raptors in the country, the Brahminy Kites (red-backed sea-eagle) locally known as Lawin in Tagalog and Banog in the Visayas region.

I had tried for “What is Your Wingspan?”. My wingspan is quite short. Haha..

The eagles inside this kingdom are freely to fly so watch out from them. I quite scared when took picture with eagle because scared it will bite me so I stand quite far from them.

Sharks and Rays (Dry Encounter) Daily: 10am to 5pm

Sharks and Rays Encounter is giving you a chance to have an extreme and intimate engagement with sharks, stingrays and starfishes. I tried for dry encounter which allows me to touch stingrays without getting wet.

I had touched with stingrays. You will feel different texture on different color of stingrays’ body. The body for black stingrays is smooth and some part is rough but for brown stingrays, all of its body is very smooth.

Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Wordless Wednesday: Send You Rainbow Postcard

'Wordless Wednesday: Postcard' is recording all the postcards that I had bought from time to time for exchange purpose.

For me, a rainbow is a good luck or hope so when I meet someone who needs encouragement, I can send this series of postcards to them. 

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