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Thursday, 9 April 2015

Postcrossing: Small Items from Russia

I had joined for Postcrossing around 2 years plus, sometime I did receive small surprise from Postcrosser. Recently, besides postcard, I had received small items from Tatyana.

Let see what I had received from Tayana.

This is a pocket calendar for year 2014. The Russian language is so special that I can see it printed for the month of the year.

This is the image of the Russian’s bank note. It is just a picture, not the real money.

Tayana had sent to me 2 postcards which is Russian Fairy Tale postcard (The Fox and a Jug) and I1 Piccolo Ermitage Postcard.

She had told me the story of the postcard and below is the story telling from Tayana.

There was a women in the field to reap and hid for bushes a jug with milk. The fox approached a jug, put in it the head, milk drank up, it would be time and home and here the trouble- the heads from a jug can’t pull out.

The fox goes, the head winds and speaks:

Well, the jug joked and will be release me! Fully to you, smart gut to indulge – I played and it is full!
The jug though you that you want doesn’t lag behind. The fox become angry.

Wait a moment you, damned, you don’t lag behind honor so I will drown you. The fox to the river ran and let’s a jug hear. The jug to drown drowned and fox for itself pulled.

This postcard is The State Hermitage is one of the world’s largest museums. Its collections amount to some 3,000,000 exhibits. 

This is the scheme of Moscow subway.

This is the ticket for a subway, bus, trolley bus, tram-uniform.

This is ticket for an electronic train (Tayana’s road for work)

As Tayana also interested with my country so I had sent her some small items too. The small items that sent by me as below:-

Tayana had sent to me an image of bank note so I returned her Malaysia Currency Postcard.

This is lucky draw form. The grand prize so attractive, wish me can get it. Haha..

This is access card from a shopping mall which the machine was not working so the staff just opened the gate for me to go out without using access card.

This is receipt of purchases something from supermarket.

This is Pos Laju courier slip.

This is pocket calendar.

This is Hotlink reload card.

Hope Tayana like the small items that sent by me.


  1. 这些小东西们很特别啊,可以更了解他们的文化


    1. 美云,



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