Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Return Letter from Easter Bunny 2015


How to send letter to Easter Bunny?

Refer to this post “Send Postcard to Easter Bunny 2014

In 7th April, I had received a return letter from Easter Bunny. As usual, I was attracted by its post mark which is so beautiful.

At the back of envelope, you can see the busy Easter Bunny was preparing for Easter Day.

In the envelope have 2 postcards and a card about step by step of Easter egg decoration but in German. The Easter eggs on postcard are blank so you need to draw it before send out the postcard.

I had made a comparison on the letter received by this year and last year. I found out that all are different except the letters.

Next year, I would like to try to send the postcard to male Easter Bunny to see any different compare with female Easter Bunny.

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