Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Wordless Wednesday: Choo Choo Cat Postcard (Party)

'Wordless Wednesday: Postcard' is recording all the postcards that I had bought from time to time for exchange purpose.

Cats also like to have a party. Wow.. They are having fun with their friends.

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Wordless Wednesday: Mori Elves @ 森之精灵

'Wordless Wednesday: Postcard' is recording all the postcards that I had bought from time to time for exchange purpose.

This was my second times purchase postcard from Jelly Fish.  This series of postcard is very cute with some meaning words. Elves come from different races. If you know about Chinese can click here to read for their background.

Friday, 14 August 2015

2015-07 Favorite Postcards Received

In this month, I had received a postcard from flight MH17. On 17 July 2014, flight MH17 crashed in the Ukraine and one of the postcards which need send to me was on the board of this flight. Recently mail from flight MH17 was released by the official research team and returned to Post Netherlands. As the address of the sender did not have on postcard therefore Post Netherlands decided deliver this postcard to me. I was so surprised when received this postcard and it is so meaningful.

A postcard had miss sent to me.  It was a postcard from daughter to her family. The thing made me curious was why the daughter did not write anything on postcard and just leave it blank there.  Maybe she can write about her life or just a simple word of “I am fine” or “I miss you!” 

Beside postcard, I like the handwriting of Memi which is so neat. How I wish my handwriting can be so neat. Haha..

Sun Cruise Resort & Yacht is a hotel resort in Jeongdongjin on the east coast of South Korea. Stay in Cruise is so nice because can see the sea view from your room. Hope in future can try for either cruise or cruise resort.

If I have such reading room would be so great. For me, I would choose the book rack which has window or glass so that it will make me easy to clean the dust.

This is Go Green postcard which can grow a plant. I did not try it because I want the postcard for my collection unless I have extra. Haha.. On postcard has instruction to plant the postcard which as below:-
i) Prepare a pot of soil or small patch of garden
ii) Place card on top and cover with a ¼” fine layer of soil
iii) Water daily and allow sunlight

Ah Huat White Coffee is a coffee product which can be seen in Malaysia. Ah Huat is the name of the old man which you can see on the postcard. To celebrate parent’s day, a postcard collector had made the stamped postcard.

This is education type postcard. On the postcard show the step to use AED. An automated external defibrillator (AED) is a portable electronic device that automatically diagnoses the life-threatening cardiac arrhythmias of ventricular fibrillation and ventricular tachycardia in a patient and is able to treat them through defibrillation, the application of electrical therapy which stops the arrhythmia, allowing the heart to reestablish an effective rhythm.

This is an Oregon map postcard. When saw Oregon, I did not know where is it so I had searched online to find more. Based on Wikipedia, Oregon is a state in the Pacific Northwest of the United States.

Do you know what the quote means on the postcard? It says that the man has great courage when he lives his life with his heart which translated by Janine from Denmark for my understanding. She agreed with the quote because many people hide behind their mask and don’t say the truth every time.

Postcard also can be a method of promotion. Eugene had sent a postcard with business card to me. She is working in a company that provides transfer services to foreign tourists all over Ukraine. I not sure in my lifetime will go Ukraine or not. If go Ukraine perhaps I can use this business card for transfer service. 

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Weird Postcards

Talking about weird, different people has different point of views. Some people will think that this postcard looks weird while some people may think that it is nice or normal. From my collections, I just share some weird postcards which I think of.

For me, this postcard has a little bit wired because the body of a boy is tree while my little sister feel scary when see this postcard. This postcard comes from drawing of Mark Ryden who is an American painter. To see other paintings by this painter, you can click here to see more.

This is goat year postcard but the way of the illustrator to draw up the pictures, I can feel has a little abnormal compare with the postcard which I received.  He had using stamping skills for this postcard, the work is not easy. To know more about this postcard, you can read the article of “[屁终则泰] 套色版画贺年卡

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Wordless Wednesday: Eskimo Star

'Wordless Wednesday: Postcard' is recording all the postcards that I had bought from time to time for exchange purpose.

What is Eskimo star? I also did not know so now just enjoy the illustration of Eskimo star.

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Green Angpows 2015

Malay Muslims in Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia and Singapore have adapted the Chinese custom of handing out monetary gifts in envelopes as part of their Eid-al-Fitr (Malay: Hari Raya Aidilfitri) celebrations but instead of red packets, green envelopes are used – Wikipedia

I usually collect red angpows compare with green angpows so the amount of green angpows that I have are less than 10 packets. The green angpows which I have was usually come from freebies from purchases. This time, my sister had asked some green angpows from her colleagues for my collections so this year I have more green angpows added to my collections.

This green packet has pretty batik drawing on it.

It has ketupat on the green packet. Ketupat is a type of dumpling made from rice packed inside a diamond-shaped container of woven palm leaf pouch. It usually served by Malays at open house on festive occasions such as Hari Raya.

When saw of these packets, it has Jawi alphabet on them. It was my first time to receive green packets with Jawi on it because usually the packets that I collected are illustration types.

When I saw the green packets, I was so surprised because it is so simple. For my past experiences, the red angpows from Nissan were so attractive and beautiful so I also thought that green angpows also will has many cute illustrations on it. It proved me wrong that green packets have not much design on it.

This year I got the Nippon Paint red and green angpows. Each of them also has cute Blobbies on it. Blobbies are Nippon Paint’s mascot.

Avon green packets have pictures of Avon’s ambassadors. Sadly to say that I did not know the name and who are them. I think Avon should print the name and job title for the ambassadors on green packets.

Monday, 10 August 2015

My First Purchases Books from Authors

Talking about purchase book, I usually buy from book store, book fair and online book store. In year 2014, I had tried purchases the books directly from the authors.

I had been followed the blog of Siaw Shan for a while. In July 2014, she had published her second books which was <我的男主角们 > . After knew of it, I had messaged her to ask for order the books.

This was my first time to purchase the books from authors so the books which I get were signed.

Beside <我的男主角们 >, I also purchased Siaw Shan’s first book which was <  Go,林笑笑!>. This book was about her life with simple illustration. The content of the book is funny. I usually read it before sleep.

The content of <我的男主角们 > was 100% of hand writing with hand drawing. This book was about the stories between Siaw Shan and the man such as friends, dad, doctor, online friend and many more.

Beside get the book of <我的男主角们 >, inside of it has stickers. It has stamp stickers but cannot use as normal stamp to post it out.

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