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Transport in Kuala Lumpur: Taxi & Railway System (Part 1)

In this post, I will record my experiences for using taxi, monorail and Light Rail Transit (LRT) in Kuala Lumpur with my cousins.

Orange: The place that we want to go
              Black: The monorail/LRT line that we use

Mangga Hotel >> Chinatown

We had taken a taxi from Mangga Hotel to Chinatown for RM 15 as the taxi driver use the meter. For your information that for the first 3 minutes, the taxi fee is calculate as RM 3 and so on.

Chinatown >> Mangga Hotel >> Chinatown

After shop in Chinatown for a while, my cousin had buy lots of books in Popular Book Store as in my place did not has Popular Book Store so after purchase the books, my cousin suggested to go back hotel to put the books and come back again to search for dinner.

We had met with a Chinese taxi driver and he cost us for 2 ways taxi fee was RM 55. At the times, we took the taxi, the sky started raining. When the taxi driver sent us back to Chinatown, the rain became heavy and some part of Chinatown was flooding.

Chinatown >> Mangga Hotel

After ate for dinner, we went back to hotel by took a taxi. This time is a young Malay guy, he had cost us RM 50 for return to Mangga Hotel and my cousin said that it is unworthy as just now we took a 2 ways taxi by RM 55 so we bargain with him. At last, our taxi fee is RM 40.

As I said that taxi driver is a young man so he had asked for hotel’s address to insert in his GPS. For those who plan to take taxi in KL, remember to take a hotel business card around you as it will easy for taxi driver to take you there. It was my first time to see taxi driver using GPS to take the passenger to his/her destination as KL is a big area so it is good if taxi driver has GPS to guide them around.

Chinatown >> Berjaya Times Square

At next day, we planned to go Berjaya Times Square so we need to take monorail. As my experience for taking monorail was about 4 years ago so most of the things I had been forgot while my cousin still managed to remember some as she had been came to KL with her friends in 2 years ago. We had asked for the seller in Chinatown about how to go to the nearest railway station. 

Monorail #1
After walked about 10 minutes, we had arrived at Maharajalela railway station and plan to take monorail to Imbi as Berjaya Times Square at there. 

Monorail is a rail-based transportation system based on a single rail, which acts as its sole support and its guide way - Wikipedia

Blue token
We had purchase blue token at counter as we did not know purchase token through Ticket Vending Machine. For your information that the token is only applicable for Single Journey integrated rides on Kelana Jaya and Ampang LRT Lines. After that, we went to the platform and wait for the monorail coming.

Monorail coming!
When the monorail came, both of us went in the monorail. After arrived at one station, the monorail stopped for a while and my cousin found out that we had been take a wrong monorail!

The correct monorail line that we want 
(Refer Picture Monorail #1)
Maharajalela > Hang Tuah > Imbi

The wrong monorail line that we taken
Maharajalela > Tun Sambanthan > KL Sentral

The wrong platform that we are
It means that, we will be gone to KL Sentral. It was our own mistake as we did not proper to see the board at platform. As for the picture as above, the monorail that we take will bring us to the KL Sentral direction but we did not notice it that actually the monorail that supposed we taken is at next platform that go to Titiwangsa direction. 

Direction to Titiwangsa is the way that we supposed to go
At KL Sentral, both of us came out from monorail and planned to go to other platform to wait for other trips of monorail. When we wanted to switch to other platform, we must come out from the gate that we need to put in our token and if we put the token then we need to buy again for the token so we asked for the staff for help.

After knowing our problem, the staff opened a small gate to let us come out. After that, we went to other platform to wait for monorail again. This time, we had made sure that we are in the right platform as the monorail that we took was gone to Titiwangsa direction (picture as above).

KL Sentral > Tun Sambanthan > Maharajalela > Hang Tuah > Imbi

As we had took for wrong monorail so we had spent much times to arrive Imbi Station. When we arrived at Imbi Station, we went to Berjaya Times Square for a shop.

Piano stairs
At Berjaya Times Square, my cousin went to Digi Centre to inquiry for her phone so I wait for her. Digi Centre in KL was very big and had 9 counters that available for you to deal with any payment/inquiry compare with my places that has maximum of 2 counters. The price of cloth in this shopping mall is reasonable so my cousin is the one who brought so many clothes.

Piano sound come from piano stair
At the level 5 of Berjaya Times Square has a theme park. It was my first time to see a theme park in shopping complex. Besides that, inside the building, I had heard of piano sounds that come from stairs. It means that, it has a piano stairs that when you step on stairs, it will come out the piano sound.

Theme park entrance
Roller coaster
As the times we wanted to go back to hotel was night so we plan to take a taxi. It is very dangerous if we took monorail back as we need to walk for a short distance road before arrive our hotel.

Largest  capsules vending machine
To be continue with Part 2.


  1. 我一直以来都是用touch & go都不知道原来他们是有用blue token的!!!

    1. 小影,
      blue token 对于像我这种游客比较方便因为要乘坐才来买而像你长期住在KL, touch & go 会比较方便。


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