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Transport in Kuala Lumpur: Taxi & Railway System (Part 2)

[Part 1]
Orange: The place that we want to go
              Black: The monorail/LRT line that we use

 Chinatown >> Sentul

In the morning, we went to Maharajarela Station to take for monorail. This time, we wanted to go to Sentul as at there has many shops that sell for motorcycle’s spare parts and my cousin want to buy a helmet for her boyfriends. At yesterday night, we had asked for taxi driver about how to go to Sentul and he suggested that we take monorail to Chow Kit Station and take taxi to Sentul.

Maharajalela > Hang Tuah > Imbi > Bukit Bintang > Raja Chulan > Bukit Nanas > Medan Tuanku > Chow Kit

Monorail #2
As you can see that Chow Kit is almost at the end or near with Titiwangsa Station so we need to wait the monorail stop at few stations before arrive at our destination. When we arrived at Chow Kit Station, we took a taxi to Sentul which the taxi driver charges for RM 5 by using meter. 

Platform 1
When we arrived at Sentul, we went for breakfast at one of the Kopitiam (a traditional coffee shop that serve with meals and beverage). As the times, we went to the Kopitiam, it was full of people so the boss asked us to share a table with 2 aunts. 

When we ate our breakfast, one of the friendly aunts had talked to us and from there we started our conversation with them. I would like to describe the 2 aunts who are happy and sad aunt based on the conversation with them. We had ordered Wantan noodle as our breakfast.

The happy aunt said that she never bring her hand phone when she went to nearest place from her house such as Kopitiam as she did not want to disturb by hand phone that might call from her son or daughter.

She also said that hand phone like a bomb as when you are eating, suddenly you received a call from son maybe has any urgent things that might want you to go back, then you need to hurry eat the food. 

As you know that, old people cannot hurry finish their food and they need to finish food slowly. The happy aunt also said that sad aunt had received a call from her son to ask she to go back so the sad aunt did not eat anything but only asked for a drink as she wants to go back soon.

Motorcycle spare part shop in Sentul
While we eating our breakfast, sad aunt had discuss with one of the staff about the taxi driver issue that now need to avoid to take taxi as taxi driver may be a thief or rapist. Happy aunt said that cannot judge all the taxi drivers as bad people because of the issue that happening as she had met with a nice taxi driver that took an umbrella to happy aunt as the sky was raining when sending she back.

After finished breakfast, it’s time for my cousin to find her boyfriend’s helmet. Some of the shop owner that sells motorcycle accessory praises us that we are brave as 2 girls come from far places and come to Sentul by self.

At here, I would like to advise that survey for few shops here before purchase any motorcycle accessory as my cousin had placed order and paid for a helmet from a shop as the shop did not has ready stock so he will sent to our hotel by night, then my cousin had found a exactly same helmet with more lower price at other shop and when she want to refund/cancel for the order, the shop owner did not refund to she as she had placed the order.

Sentul >> The 5 Element Hotel

After purchase helmet and some motorcycle accessories, we walked to Titiwangsa Station and took for LRT. At there, did not has any counter for us to purchase the token so we asked a help of a Malay girl who queue up behind of us when we purchase tokens through Ticket Vending Machine as we did not know where is the station/line that we suppose to stop by. We told the girl that we wanted to go Chinatown so she said that we can took the LRT to Plaza Rakyat. 

LRT #1
Light Rail Transit (LRT) is a typically an urban form of public transport using steel-tracked fixed guide ways that operate primarily along exclusive rights way and have vehicles capable of operating as a single train or as multiple units coupled togerther - Wikipedia

Titiwangsa > PWTC > Sultan Ismail > Bandaraya > Masjid Jamek > Plaza Rakyat

LRT #2
When we arrived at Plaza Rakyat Station, we just come out from the station and tried to find our hotel which is The 5 Element Hotel. On the way we walking, we had spotted Maybank, Hotel Geo and a Secondary School (all those landmark that can see from our room in hotel) so we knew that we are on the right track to back hotel.

landmark that see from room

The 5 Element Hotel >> Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC)

After rest for a while in hotel, we planned to go to KLCC to take a look so we had asked for the hotel receptionist about the way to go there. Unconsciously, we had walked to Central Market and still did not find the station so we asked for help from a small Police Station in Central Market. 

Central market
After that, we had successful arrived at Pasar Seni Station with the guideline of police. At there, we also need to purchase token at Ticket Vending Machine but this time, we asked the staff at counter for which station that we supposed to stop by if we want to go to KLCC. 

Pasar Seni Station
After purchase the token, we wait at platform for LRT coming. After we arrived at KLCC station, we had directly gone in a Shopping Centre and having lunch at there. After lunch, when we wanted to shop around, then we found out that us maybe not in KLCC but in other Shopping Centre so we find around and see has an Information Centre so we asked for them. After that, we realized that now we at Avenue K and KLCC just near with Avenue K so we need to come out from Avenue K and cross a road to KLCC.

Pasar Seni > Masjid Jamek > Dang Wangi > Kampung Baru > KLCC

Ticket vending machine
Kelana Jaya line

We walked about 5 minutes, both of us was very happy as we arrived at KLCC.  The KLCC Station really confusing that made us thought that we had arrived at KLCC. As the day we went to KLCC was a public holiday for Awal Muharram so KLCC was full of people includes foreigners, we just go in for few minutes because inside was too crowded.

KLCC station

KLCC >> Sungai Wang/ Plaza Low Yat

Near with KLCC has a road to KLCC Station so we follow the road and arrived at KLCC Station. Next, we planned to go to Sungai Wang or Plaza Low Yat as my cousin want to buy computer accessory. Actually it was our fault for not see clearly of the board as it has pointing the direction for KLCC and Avenue K by right and left when we arrived at KLCC Station.

Before we purchase token through Ticket Vending Machine, we had asked for clearly direction for the staff. This times, it seem has a little bit complicated as we needed to change station in order to arrive Sungai Wang from KLCC Station as LRT cannot directly to Sungai Wang.

KLCC > Kampung Baru > Dang Wangi

When we arrived at Dang Wangi Station, we needed to walk for a while to arrive at Bukit Nanas Station. On the way to Bukit Nanas Station, you just follow the sign board and you can find the station easily. At Bukit Nanas Station, we took monorail to Bukit Bintang.

Bukit Nanas > Raja Chulan > Bukit Bintang

Monorail #3
When arrived at Bukit Bintang Station, we walked to Plaza Low Yat as my cousin knew the way to there. At Plaza Low Yat, it has many shops for computer and hand phone. At there, my cousin had brought a keyboard. After purchase the keyboard, my cousin went to the testing department of the shop to test for the keyboard whether function or not. At there, I had spotted the technical guy usually sit on the CPU with a cushion on it. Wow, really save and recycle.

Plaza Low Yat >> The 5 Element Hotel

After finished shop at Plaza Low Yat, we went back to hotel by take a taxi. The taxi driver cost us RM 15 for the fee. At night, we eat our lunch at Chinatown.

The 5 Element Hotel >> Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT)

As we back on Wednesday so my cousin’s friends cannot take us to airport as they need to work so we took taxi to airport. The taxi that we took was called by hotel receptionist and taxi fee is RM 90. We arrived at airport after almost 1 hour. At taxi, I feel sleepy because it take long times to arrive airport because KL was so big compare to my place that take around 15 minutes arrive at airport. 

For more transportation information can refer to Rapid KL (Main public transport operator in the Klang Valley)

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Wordless Wednesday: First Class Mail Postcard

'Wordless Wednesday: Postcard' is recording all the postcards that I had bought from time to time.

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

The Splash Nail Polishes & *Bisou* Bon Bon Lip Balm

I had received my prizes which include Splash nail polishes consist of color 44 (iridescent and opalescent glitter), color 2 (orange crème) and Splash glow in the dark polish in color 61 with a *bisou* bon bon lip balms in Grapefruit from Louanne.

Nailsplash is formulated to be quick drying and long lasting. I had used the glow in the dark nail polish, I only can saw my nails shine when in the very dark place. If the place has little light, it cannot see well.

It was my first time to heard *bisou* bon bon lip balms (handmade) which is a cute name for me. This lip balm is applying on lips as often as needed which suitable for me. It also suitable for nails and cuticles. The content (natural ingredients) includes shea butter, grapefruit essential oil, vitamin E, beeswax, rose hip oil and sweet almond oil.

This lip balm has scent of jelly petroleum than grapefruit scent. For me, this lip balm did not oily when apply on my lip and it did moisturize my lip. 

Friday, 24 January 2014

Transport in Kuala Lumpur: Taxi & Railway System (Part 1)

In this post, I will record my experiences for using taxi, monorail and Light Rail Transit (LRT) in Kuala Lumpur with my cousins.

Orange: The place that we want to go
              Black: The monorail/LRT line that we use

Mangga Hotel >> Chinatown

We had taken a taxi from Mangga Hotel to Chinatown for RM 15 as the taxi driver use the meter. For your information that for the first 3 minutes, the taxi fee is calculate as RM 3 and so on.

Chinatown >> Mangga Hotel >> Chinatown

After shop in Chinatown for a while, my cousin had buy lots of books in Popular Book Store as in my place did not has Popular Book Store so after purchase the books, my cousin suggested to go back hotel to put the books and come back again to search for dinner.

We had met with a Chinese taxi driver and he cost us for 2 ways taxi fee was RM 55. At the times, we took the taxi, the sky started raining. When the taxi driver sent us back to Chinatown, the rain became heavy and some part of Chinatown was flooding.

Chinatown >> Mangga Hotel

After ate for dinner, we went back to hotel by took a taxi. This time is a young Malay guy, he had cost us RM 50 for return to Mangga Hotel and my cousin said that it is unworthy as just now we took a 2 ways taxi by RM 55 so we bargain with him. At last, our taxi fee is RM 40.

As I said that taxi driver is a young man so he had asked for hotel’s address to insert in his GPS. For those who plan to take taxi in KL, remember to take a hotel business card around you as it will easy for taxi driver to take you there. It was my first time to see taxi driver using GPS to take the passenger to his/her destination as KL is a big area so it is good if taxi driver has GPS to guide them around.

Chinatown >> Berjaya Times Square

At next day, we planned to go Berjaya Times Square so we need to take monorail. As my experience for taking monorail was about 4 years ago so most of the things I had been forgot while my cousin still managed to remember some as she had been came to KL with her friends in 2 years ago. We had asked for the seller in Chinatown about how to go to the nearest railway station. 

Monorail #1
After walked about 10 minutes, we had arrived at Maharajalela railway station and plan to take monorail to Imbi as Berjaya Times Square at there. 

Monorail is a rail-based transportation system based on a single rail, which acts as its sole support and its guide way - Wikipedia

Blue token
We had purchase blue token at counter as we did not know purchase token through Ticket Vending Machine. For your information that the token is only applicable for Single Journey integrated rides on Kelana Jaya and Ampang LRT Lines. After that, we went to the platform and wait for the monorail coming.

Monorail coming!
When the monorail came, both of us went in the monorail. After arrived at one station, the monorail stopped for a while and my cousin found out that we had been take a wrong monorail!

The correct monorail line that we want 
(Refer Picture Monorail #1)
Maharajalela > Hang Tuah > Imbi

The wrong monorail line that we taken
Maharajalela > Tun Sambanthan > KL Sentral

The wrong platform that we are
It means that, we will be gone to KL Sentral. It was our own mistake as we did not proper to see the board at platform. As for the picture as above, the monorail that we take will bring us to the KL Sentral direction but we did not notice it that actually the monorail that supposed we taken is at next platform that go to Titiwangsa direction. 

Direction to Titiwangsa is the way that we supposed to go
At KL Sentral, both of us came out from monorail and planned to go to other platform to wait for other trips of monorail. When we wanted to switch to other platform, we must come out from the gate that we need to put in our token and if we put the token then we need to buy again for the token so we asked for the staff for help.

After knowing our problem, the staff opened a small gate to let us come out. After that, we went to other platform to wait for monorail again. This time, we had made sure that we are in the right platform as the monorail that we took was gone to Titiwangsa direction (picture as above).

KL Sentral > Tun Sambanthan > Maharajalela > Hang Tuah > Imbi

As we had took for wrong monorail so we had spent much times to arrive Imbi Station. When we arrived at Imbi Station, we went to Berjaya Times Square for a shop.

Piano stairs
At Berjaya Times Square, my cousin went to Digi Centre to inquiry for her phone so I wait for her. Digi Centre in KL was very big and had 9 counters that available for you to deal with any payment/inquiry compare with my places that has maximum of 2 counters. The price of cloth in this shopping mall is reasonable so my cousin is the one who brought so many clothes.

Piano sound come from piano stair
At the level 5 of Berjaya Times Square has a theme park. It was my first time to see a theme park in shopping complex. Besides that, inside the building, I had heard of piano sounds that come from stairs. It means that, it has a piano stairs that when you step on stairs, it will come out the piano sound.

Theme park entrance
Roller coaster
As the times we wanted to go back to hotel was night so we plan to take a taxi. It is very dangerous if we took monorail back as we need to walk for a short distance road before arrive our hotel.

Largest  capsules vending machine
To be continue with Part 2.
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