Friday, 30 August 2013

Kota Kinabalu >> Menumbok: Bus Express

After arrived in Kota Kinabalu by flight, we choose to use bus express instead of ferry express to back Labuan because of the ferry express had been cancel for the afternoon trip.  

Borneo Express ticket RM18.00
Problem 1:
At the time we brought the ticket, the ticket showed the number plate of bus which is 3377. As the bus will departure at 12.30 pm so we had wait for the bus since 12.00 pm to avoid miss out the bus. Around 12.20 pm, we still did not saw the bus with number plate 3377 so my dad went to counter for some inquiry.

The answer that we get was the bus with number plate 3377 had been broken so the replacement bus will be bus with number plate 6767 (you can see from the ticket that number 3377 had been cross by the staff during my dad inquiry).

Reminder: When the bus that you wait still did not arrive before the exact time, try to ask from the counter to know more details about it. As if has any replacement bus, you will not know it unless you ask through counter (Bus company will not do any announcement for it unless you ask via counter).

Seats in bus
Problem 2:
Before this trip, I had met with the matter of sat at wrong bus as I just focus on the number of the bus (exp. 3377) and ignore with the state code (exp. SAA) because the bus company may have two buses with same number but with different state code. The normal number plate is like SAA 3377.

Reminder: Before go in to bus make sure the whole number plate of the bus perfectly matches with the bus ticket (Sometimes the ticket did not show the state code so just follow the number plate of bus).

The bus has air-conditioning with number seat. Sometimes, the bus driver will play the movie for entertainment purpose but this time the TV was off. As the time in bus I was so tired so I felt asleep on bus during the trip until the bus stopped in front of stalls.

This was my first times to meet with the bus which stoped at the stalls along the way to Menumbok. When the bus stopped for a while, many people came out from bus and brought some food and drinks for eat in bus. Around 3.30 pm, the bus safety arrived at Terminal Ferry Menumbok. 

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Key Chain of Pepsi & Coca Cola

Key chain-Pepsi & Coca Cola 
These are the key chains that I brought which are so special. 
Like it !!!!
Want to know more,
Scroll down….

The secret at the back.
They can open from the back...

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Why I need the Luxola De-Stressing Kit?

Nowadays, stress become a part of our life that occur at everywhere and anytime such as in work, study, relationship and many more so we must know the ways to proper handle with the stress so that it won’t affect our daily life. At this post, I will share my stress management which as below:-

As I am weak at sport activities such as badminton, basketball and many more so I have find my own way to exercise which is jogging (the easy exercise for me). Every time, jogging for few rounds and have a sweat after jogging make me feel calm and clear.  

Listening Music
Every time I feel stressful, I will listen to my favorite music as the rhythms can restore harmony to my mind, body and spirit. It did help me to relax myself.  

When stress, have a soft reading such as reading magazine can relieve stress. Every time I feel stress, I will pick a CLEO magazine (a magazine that has loads of beauty and fashion tips) that helps me to escape into other world and stop thinking about stress.

Writing postcards
As I had been join for Postcrossing so writing postcards is a good way for me to relieve stress as I can write out the things that make me stress on postcard and send it through mail. It also indicates that my stress will go far away from me when the postcard sends out.

At last, I hope that I can get Luxola De-Stressing Kit from Luxola Malaysia and Average Jane because

This Luxola De-Stressing Kit had attracted my attention with its packaging and function so I hope that I have chance to try on. It comes with face mask + MOR Emporium Candle with sweet scent which is a perfect kit for De-stress. The candle holder also looks luxurious with the gold decorations.
Besides that, I will have a new way 2 NEW ways to reduce stress as I can make this Luxola De-Stressing Kit into 2 De-stress packages which are

a) Ala-carte package: Relax with Luxola De-Stressing Kit

b) Combo package:  Relax with Luxola De-Stressing Kit + listening music + reading book

Pic source:
I also can share this Luxola De-Stressing Kit with my friends and family as good stuff must be sharing. They also can enjoy the De-stress packages that prepare by me (maybe I also can personalize different De-stress package for them according to their interest). All of us sure have a relaxing gathering during free times.

Ending this post with a slogan,

Luxola De-Stressing Kit, a great kit to stay away from stress.

Friday, 23 August 2013

Tawau >> Kota Kinabalu: Flight with MAS

After spending 4 days 3 nights in Tawau, it’s time to go back to work. It was my first time to see a police station which is so near with the airport. It is located a few footsteps from main entrance.

Police station near with airport
Flight detail:
08 July 2013 (Monday) – 08:55-09:45 – Boeing 737-800 (MH 2122)

In airport, it has some shops and stalls which sell food or drinks. If you did not have times to eat, you can buy some food at there.

Waiting area
Blue & yellow seats

Rest N Go
The waiting area in airport is so big which can occupy for many people. The times I go, the waiting area not much of people but the waiting area near with gate entrance flight was full of people. It also has message chair at waiting area so that you can relax in airport too.

Everyone wait for the fight
Ready to fly
In this flight was full of air stewards compare with my previous flight from Kota Kinabalu to Tawau. The drinks that served also same with my previous flight which is orange juice with a packet of peanut.

When wait for the people go out from flight after arrive at Kota Kinabalu, I had saw a man hug 2 kids with both of his hands. (I think the man is the father for those 2 kids. He really a strong man…..impress with him

Bye Tawau

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Decleor Hydra Flora Moisturizing Cream (Sample)

Decleor Hydra Flora Moisturizing Cream has combined moisture-boosting and multi-protection active ingredients in cream. I was so surprised to know that this moisturizing cream has the function of anti-pollution that very suitable for those who always exposure with pollution.

The textures of this cream some like water and when I shake the tube of sample, I can hear the sound of water inside the tube. I did not like the scent of this cream and I did not smell out any flora scent (get used with the smell by few applies). It did moisturize my skin after apply it.

***** Happiness Quote *****

Count your age by friends, not years. Count your life by smiles, not tears – John Lennon

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Shopping Experience with HiShop Malaysia

HiShop is not a strange word for me as I had been invited as HiShop Beauty Ambassador since April 2013. Through the beauty review for April 2013 & May 2013 that made me know well about HiShop and many beauty products. (Thanks for HiShop for giving me such beautiful opportunity!)

HiShop [pronounced as hai-shop] is an online beauty and cosmetics store. We only carry Genuine Products and we believe that beauty should be made accessible for everyone- anytime and anywhere.

In this post, I will share my experience with HiShop Malaysia at the point of view as HiShop Beauty Ambassador and normal buyer (I had been purchase through HiShop for 2 times).

What I like about HiShop?

1. Offer variety of products
HiShop offer more than 100 beauty brands and beauty products that cover from head to toes. As a consumer, it is glad to have a variety of choices to choose before purchases. It also offer many categories for easy navigate such as Makeup, Skin Care, Fragrance, Hair, Health Food and others. Even men also can find some products that suitable for them at HiShop.

2. Efficiency in courier services 
During my purchases with HiShop, I received my beauty products after 2 days confirm purchase via Pos Laju which makes me have a great impress with HiShop for fast delivery. Besides that, HiShop also offer free postage for purchases above RM 50.00 which is easier to achieve (Some online shop offer free postage with purchases above RM 200.00 which sometimes harder to achieve it)

3. Friendly HiShop teams
HiShop teams are very friendly as they will answer all your inquiry with their best which I can see through Facebook. They are welcome for all question regarding HiShop or its products. So far, I had been communicating with Mabel (Community Manager of HiShop) and happy to know that she is a friendly girl.

For any inquiry, feel free to contact Hishop via Website (Contact Us), Facebook and Twitter.

4. Saving more in purchases
HiShop offer many ways to help me to save more in my future purchases such as reward point (successful purchase, review products, blog about HiShop, photo contest and others), sales and discount code. Example during my first purchases, I had brought ePure Membranous JellyMasque in jar with RM 65.00 (exact price is RM 130.00) that make me save about 50% from exact price.

What I think HiShop should improve?

1. Limited choice in sample selection
HiShop will offer free samples for selection during purchases but I always meet with the 2 same samples during my both purchases which are Natural & CoVital Purity Mask and Nature & Co Pure White Lotion Light & Pure White Milky Lotion Light  as I had been received them from Welcome Pack from HiShop :(

I really hope that HiShop can offer more samples for selection in future so that I can try for different beauty products in sample before decide purchase beauty products in full size.


In overall, I like shopping with HiShop as it provide good services for me. I will keep purchase through HiShop and hope that HiShop will bring more beautiful surprises for me in future. 

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Postcard Project: Send an Encouragement to Tonia’s Mother

Postcard behind story from Tonia:-

I want to try and do something special for my mother, so I’m wondering if anyone is willing to help me?

Earlier this year after having knee replacement surgery she fell and broke both her legs. She was in the hospital and nursing home for 5 ½ months. She is home now but having a hard time learning to walk again and she’s getting very depressed and discouraged. So, if anyone would like to send her a card with some encouraging words on it, I would be grateful and hopefully it will lift her spirits. She really likes Betty Boop, wolves, flowers and hummingbirds.

As Tonia’s mother likes flower so I had sent a flower postcard to her and hope that she will cheer up soon. I had found some encouragement word to her through online as below:-

A sun beam to warm you,
A moonbeam to charm you,
A sheltering angel, so nothing can harm you.

Monday, 19 August 2013

O’slee UV Cut Medi Anti-shine Sunblock Lotion SPF30 PA++ (Sample)

This sunblock lotion provides fresh and high density UV block protection against UVA and UVB without clog pores. It has PhytoCellTecTM and Argireline that boost cell reproduction and decelerating skin aging problems.

How to use?
For normal and oily skin, apply adequate amount on whole face every morning after cleansing and toning.
For dry skin, apply after cleansing, toning and lotion.

This lotion in white color which advisable not to apply too much on face because the face will look so white but the white color will disappear when your skin fully absorb with the lotion. After apply it, this lotion gives me a light feeling and hydrating. Normally I use it when I stay at home as the SPF is not so high which did not suitable for outdoor activity.

Remember to apply sunblock lotion at neck too as neck also need sun protection which sometimes many people will forget about this.

***** Happiness Quote *****

Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions – Dalai Lama XIV

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Tortillas Pizza

This was my first time to do tortillas pizza as I had seen the recipe for this pizza is quite easy plus I know where to buy for this tortillas wrap. A tortilla is a type of thin flat bread made from finely ground wheat flour.

Tortillas wrap
Tomato sauce
Mixed vegetable (usually use for fry rice)
Green & red bell peppers

Step by step:
1. Brush some tomato sauce on tortilla wrap.
2. Put all the ingredients (sausage, mixed vegetable and bell peppers) on tortilla wrap and top with cheese.
3. Bake it in oven for 15 minutes with 180 Celsius.

It is a very easy recipe to make a pizza and I like it. As the oven that I use is quite small that only can fit with one pizza each time so it is really take time if I want to finish up the entire tortillas wrap :(

Friday, 16 August 2013

Kota KInabalu >> Tawau: Flight with MAS

This time we use flight from MAS to travel from Kota Kinabalu to Tawau. Many people would say that Air Asia would be a great choice for travel as it is offer a lower price than MAS but sometimes MAS offer the ticket price which is cheaper than Air Asia.

Before go to Tawau, I had survey for the price of flight ticket for Air Asia and MAS (last minutes search). Surprise to know that, MAS is cheaper than Air Asia as the return ticket (KK>>Tawau>>KK) is RM 200 per person compare with Air Asia which offer RM 200 ++ for the return ticket.

Flight detail:
05 July 2013 (Friday) – 14:15-15:00 - Boeing 737-800 (MH 2137) 

When in flight, I had seen a nice air-stewardess help a woman who hug her child to take the bag from she as her hand was full of bags (Nice impression).

Now a day, the safety demonstration had been shown by a small TV before flight departure (no more real demonstration from air-stewardess) . 

Seat quite comfortable
During the flight, we were served by orange drinks and a package of peanut. 

A packet of peanut + oranges drink
About 45 minutes, the flight safety arrived at Tawau, spending time in flight by read newspaper and magazine made me feel that time was very fast pass by.

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Labuan >> Kota Kinabalu: Ferry Express

On 5th July (Friday) to 8th July (Monday) 2013, I went to Tawau to visit my grandmother who is sick with my dad and sister. We had brought flight ticket from Kota Kinabalu to Tawau so we choose to take ferry express to Kota KInabalu.

Early in the morning, we arrived at the terminal ferry because we want to buy ferry ticket. As we arrive at there about 6.15 am and the ticket counter did not open yet so we sit and wait.

Operation hour of ticketing counter 
From Labuan, you can take ferry service to nearest place such as Sabah (Kota Kinabalu, Menumbok & Sipitang), Sarawak (Lawas & Limbang) and Brunei. You can refer the time and price schedule for ferry at here. During year 2013, Malaysian enjoy 50% discount off for the ferry ticket which you can refer here.

Ticketing counters
The ferry ticket cost me RM 19.50 for Class A or First Class which sit at upstairs in ferry. The ticket did not show any number seat so it is free seat that you can choose where to sit.

Ferry ticket
At terminal ferry, it has some stalls that sell food and souvenirs. 

Food & souvenir stalls
It also has ATM which make people especially tourist easy to withdraw money. The nearest bank with terminal ferry as below:-

a) Public Bank & HSBC Malaysia which located same row with terminal ferry.
b) Hong Leong Bank which located near with roundabout.
c) Am Bank which located near with Aifa Hotel (you can see the hotel from terminal ferry as it is a tall building)

As the time I arrived at terminal ferry was so early so some of the duty free shops did not open. At duty free shop, you can buy chocolate, liquor, fragrance, magazine and others.  

Duty Free Shops

Waiting area
At terminal ferry, it also has bus ticketing counter that the bus travel from Menumbok to Kota Kinabalu. It is very convenient or save time when you choose to take big ferry or car ferry from Labuan to Menumbok that you can direct buy the bus ticket from here.

Bus ticketing counter
If you feel sleepy especially when need to take the early ferry, you can buy some drinks such as coffee, chocolate drink at this machine.

Need some drink?
At 7.30 am, the gate was open and we had gone to ferry first so that we won’t missed the ferry. Ferry departure sharp 8.00 am. In ferry, it has upstairs or first class and downstairs or economic class. The ferry ticket for first class is a little bit expensive compare with economic class. 

Express Kinabalu
I would recommend for those who feel dizziness or vomit (advise to eat vomit medicine before ferry departure) when in ferry can try for first class seat as it is more comfortable than economy class. You can sit to see the sea view when in first class while you need to stand up to see the sea view in economy class as the window at economy class quite high.

Economic class
For those who cannot afford for the ferry engine sound can take wool to plug in your ears such like my dad. I also recommend for you to bring sweater as in ferry quite cold and you need to experience for this cold for 3 hours.

First class
In ferry, you can enjoy the movie that plays in ferry but you cannot hear it clearly because of the engine sound. All you can do is choose the seat at front and read the subtitles. At first class seat, the TV is quite far so it is very difficult to read the subtitle unless you have sharp eye.

Place to store luggages
In ferry also has sell some food but the price is more expensive. I would recommend for whom would feel hungry when in ferry to buy food at any shop or restaurant before go in ferry.

For me, I always travel with ferry express especially during study so I usually sleep, watch TV, read and enjoy the sea/sky view (when sit at first class) to spend the 3 hours in ferry.

At 11.00 am, the ferry arrived at Kota Kinabalu. When on the way to Jesselton Point, you need to give your identity card or passport for immigration purposes. 

At Jesselton Point has many shop or restaurant for you to shop and eat. You can buy some souvenirs or postcards at there. It also has ticketing counter to buy ticket to Labuan or beautiful islands such as Pulau Manukan, Pulau Sapi and others. 

Red telephone booths
Just Explore! but I did not have time to explore
Ticketing counters
Public notice
In front of Jesselton Point has many taxi for transport purpose but we did not take it as we wait for my aunt to fetch us to airport. 

Kota Kinabalu welcome you

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