Saturday, 28 February 2015

Terminal 21: Themed Washroom


In Terminal 21, don’t forget to visit each floor of washroom as each floor has own design of washroom.

In this post, the pictures will be more than words so you just enjoy the pictures although my photography skill is not good.

My friends and I had gone to each level of washroom to take wefie (same as selfie but with 2 or more people that make it as “WE-fie”).

Except washroom, the cleaner in washroom also have their own uniform that suit to the theme of the floor. The cleanser was all the time standby in washroom to maintain the cleanliness.

This will be my first time capture so many pictures in a toilet as all of them very unique.

The washroom for male and female almost same but due to it was not convenience for my male friends take picture in washroom as there have people done their “business”..Ehem, you know what I mean right? Haha..

If you ask me that which floor of washroom you like the most then my answer will be I like all of them because each floor has their own attraction.

Friday, 27 February 2015

Terminal 21

Getting Here
Option 1: BTS @ Asoke Station Exit 1
Option 2: MRT @ Sukhumvit Station Exit 3

Terminal 21 is a one floor one theme shopping mall. The concept is market streets of the world that decorated based on well-known street in cities such as Rome, Paris, Tokyo, London and Istanbul. This mall has the longest escalators in Thailand that up to 36 meters. Enjoy shopping with more than 600 shops including fashion, accessories, gift souvenir and 80 restaurants.

06 July 2014 (Sunday)

Welcoming from Captain

When you enter this mall, you will see a captain greet to you. The job of captain is not easy as they need to greet with everyone who enter to this mall with smile.

Floor Themes  (Source:

Each floor has different themes that make you feel like in other country.

LG Floor- Caribbean
G Floor- Rome
M Floor- Paris
1st Floor- Tokyo
2nd Floor- London
3rd Floor- Istanbul
4th Floor- San Francisco (City)
5th Floor- San Francisco (Pier)
6th Floor- Hollywood

Boarding Board

Same as airport, in Terminal 21 also has boarding board. The boarding board in Terminal 21 is displaying the event that ongoing.

Travel around the World in a Shopping Mall

In Terminal 21, I can travel to well-known streets in Cities such as Paris, Tokyo, London and so on. Besides that, I can take some pictures with landmark of the country such as Sumo, Tower Bridge, London’s double-decker buses and many more that made me feel like at that country.  It is really suitable for my current condition that did not has many money travel to those countries but can take a look with those landmark first. Hope in future can go those countries to travel.

Our main purpose to Terminal 21 was for take picture with those entire landmarks so we did not have many times to explore the shops and café in this mall.

In Terminal 21 has M&M chocolate machine that you can buy at there.

These are replica food that looks real right? All looks delicious so I snap a photo of them.

Tourist Privilege Card

This card offer special discount with participated shop.

It can be pick up at Information Counter G Floor-Rome and M Floor-Paris.

Free Wifi

You can enjoy with high speed internet 50/50 Mbps that need identification. You can register at Information Counter G Floor-Rome and M Floor-Paris before using this card.

Pier 21 Food Court

The best food court offers renowned dishes from finest restaurant in Bangkok. Before this, I had knew that at Terminal 21 has ice cream steamboat but when at there we cannot find it. Then, after came back, I just knew that it in Pier 21 Food Court after seeing Thailand Facebook post (Arh..Miss it, never mind, hope can try it by next time)

Longest Escalators in Thailand that up to 36 meters

In this mall, my friends and I accidentally take an escalator that skips 1 floor. We were so surprise as this escalator is so long and indirectly it took us to another 2 floors. At the end, we went down to another floor by escalators because by take this long escalator, we had missed out 1 floor.


At Tokyo Floor, have sumo figures so I also want to take a picture with them. My friend helped me to take a picture that I hold the waist for one of the figures. One of the tourists saw I hold it so she also hold but hold the butt of the figures. Hehe.. All of us enjoy take picture in Terminal 21.

The washroom at every level was so beautiful with the theme of the floor that I will write on next post because has so many pictures that want to post.

Terminal 21
2, 88 Sukhumvit 19 Sukhumvit Road,
North Klongtoei,
Wattana, Bangkok
10110 Thailand.
Opening Hour: 10.00 a.m. until 10.00 p.m.
Website: Terminal 21

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