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Krabi & Bangkok: Sending Postcard 2014

During Krabi and Bangkok trip, I had having my first experiences to send some postcards from there. It was a challenge for me from buying stamps and postcards until send out the postcards. The value of stamp that needs to post a postcard in Thailand is 15 Baht.

Where to Buy Stamp?

In Krabi, I had bought some stamps from Family Mart. When buying the stamp from the staff, I had an enquiry but due to communication barrier and the staff did not understand my question so my enquiry regarding stamp was an unknown.

My enquiry is when buying the stamp with value of 15 Baht; I need to pay for 20 Baht to buy it. It means that I need to pay additional 5 Baht to get it. WHY?

On 17 October 2014, I had sent a postcard to a postcrosser in Thailand name Pannika. In her profile, she stated that if you put your address on postcard then she will send a Thank you postcard for you. I had put my address on postcard so I received her Thank you postcard too. When I received it, I had email she to tell she that I safety received it and at the same time I tried ask the postcard inquiry as above.

She did answer my enquiry. Actually I have lots of questions. Haha..Her answer as below:-

Regarding Thai stamps, Thailand Post has 2 prices:
Stamps for normal usage – you pay prices that printed on the stamps itself, normally there are several stamps of the same design per sheet.
Stamps for collectable – usually come in a single sheet with a set of stamps, you have to pay extra for those kind as they are for collectable only.
Besides Family Mart, when in Krabi Airport, I do brought some stamps for Bangkok use and luckily I bought some extra as in Bangkok, I cannot find where to get the stamp.

In Bangkok, I had tried to ask 7-11 shops for stamps but the stamps finished. In the end, I did not manage to post some postcard to myself from Bangkok because all the stamps had been used for sending postcard to friends and postcrossers.

After buying the stamp, I was headache about how to paste the stamp on postcard as I did not bring glue. Luckily one of my friends told me that I can use water to paste the stamp on postcard. If not, I will use my saliva to paste it. Haha..just kidding. 

Where to send the postcard?


In Krabi as Ananta Burin Resort have postal service so I can ask receptionist to help me post out my postcards. They will put my postcard in a post box before sending out. In Krabi Airport, you can find a mail box before went to waiting hall.


In Bangkok, it is very hard to search for mail box so I also asked The Berkeley Hotel's Concierge to help me send out the postcard. I can saw many postcards in Concierge Counter there. If you did not have time or did not know where to get stamp, you can give some money to Concierge so that they will help you buy and paste the stamp on postcard before send out.

Where to buy postcard?


Along the Ao Nang Beach has many stalls, I had bought some postcards from there. Each postcard cost 10 Baht or RM 1.00. In Krabi Airport, it also has some shops sell postcards and stamps.

When waiting for the flight, I had gone around to shop and found out a Krabi Phi Phi Island postcard with beautiful view so I bought one or two of them to be sending out.


I had bought some postcards in Chatuchak Weekend Market as the postcards were so cute with elephant illustration.

Postcard Arrival

23th July 2014
I had received my postcard which sent from Krabi. It had taken around 20 days arrived my house.

16th August 2014
My friends from Labuan had told me that she had received the postcard that I sent from Bangkok. Although it took around one month to arrive, the most important was the postcard did not getting lost.


  1. Nice post! I used to collect stamps when I was younger... but I lost them all when I moved a few years ago.

    1. Gabriela,
      So sad to heard about it but you always can start to collect stamp again.

  2. 大象的好可爱!好喜欢!^^

    1. 美云,

  3. The best place to buy stamps in Bangkok is the weekend philatelic market that's held in the basement of the General Post Office (ไปรษณีย์กลาง) on Charoenkrung Road, a short 10-minute walk from Saphan Taksin station. Lots of sellers offering used and new stamps dating back to the early 1900s. Also a reliable source for collectors interested in the old Lao kingdom.

    1. Blesson,

      Thanks for your information. Next time, I would go to weekend philatelic market to buy the stamp :D

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