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Thursday, 7 May 2015

Miri City Fan

3 Jan 2015

The name of Miri City Fan comes from its unique fan-shaped when viewed from the air. It is garden that suitable for jog or picture taking.

Miri is seahorse city so you can find some seahorse statues in Miri. Talking about seahorse, I have a joke share with you. On the first day, my friend’s friend fetched us back to hotel.  On the way to hotel, I wanted asked him whether the seahorse statues near with our hotel but when I talk, I asked about whether hippo statues near with hotel. Haha.. As the word of Chinese for seahorse (海马) and hippo (河马)sound quite similar. At this Miri trip, I just managed take a picture with seahorse in Miri City Fan.  

According to Stephanie (taxi driver) that long time ago, Miri has many seahorse but due to pollution that the seahorses were getting lesser. Nowadays, we just managed see the seahorse in aquarium.

At this big stage, one of my friends suggests to record Beauty Pageant. In the video, has a host, a winner and previous winner while I responsible to record the moment. Hihi..It is so funny.

Miri City Fan
Jalan Kipas,
98000 Miri,

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