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Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Street Art in Miri: Miri Handicraft Centre

2 Jan 2015

Although Miri is a small city, I still spend some times to search online to find interesting places in Miri. I had found an article of “IM4U unveils vibrant art displayat Miri Hanicraft Centre” at The Borneo Post. Wow, Miri also has street art. As the source for this street art limited so I was quite worried that whether it is true or not until I saw it.

This Miri Handicraft is near with Bintang Mega Mall and Kingsley Hotel so it means that we can go to there. Yeah!!!

After having breakfast, we walked to Miri Handicraft Centre. Luckily that the time we took photo, the rain was not big as the days we arrived Miri, it keep raining.

The mural arts that can be seen in Miri Handicraft Centre such as Miri’s Niah Cave, Iban Warrior, Sea horse, Hornbill and many more.

Beside the art on the wall, it also has some things that we can interact with or take picture with. Example we can go in the Malay Boat and take picture, the bridge to cave and many more. It makes the picture looks more attractive. 

All the symbols for Miri or Sarawak, you can find at the street art.

After took picture of street art, it’s time for us to explore Miri Handicraft Centre. Like its name, inside of it have many different type of handicraft such as keychain, magnet, bracelet and many more.


At here I had sharing with my friends to buy a Miri seahorse magnet as 3 magnets cost RM 10.

I super recommend you to come here to take picture with these street arts because some local may not know about this place as before this I had asked for friend in Miri but he is not sure about it. 

Where is Miri Handicraft Centre?

You will find the answer by click to the map.

Pic credit: Google


  1. it's so nice. i like it....
    marble handicraft

    1. Craft Tijori,

      Next time, you can have a plan travel to Miri, Malaysia for a visit :)


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