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Thursday, 14 May 2015

San Ching Tian Temple

The San Ching Tian Temple is the largest Taoist temple in Southeast Asia.

According to Travelfish, this temple has 2 names which as below:-

San Ching Tian Temple: a collective term for the 3 deities that are worshipped here
Lin Hua San Temple: actual name of the temple

Don’t worry as using either name will get you here.

3 Jan 2015

According to Stephanie (taxi driver), the famous Shao Pau or bun is near with this temple. You can try to search for it. As Shao Pau is not so convenience for us to bring back so we did not buy it.

The statue of Taoist is so big and beautiful. As I am not sure that whether I can take a photo of Taoist statues so I did not take photo of the statues. When I search around via online, I found out statues of Taoist which you can click here to see it.

I like the art structure of this temple. Beside take picture, I had worshiped the Taoist by hand instead of using joss stick. Hope all wish come true.

San Ching Tian Temple
Jalan Krokop 9,


  1. Really beautiful place, I would love to see it one day ^_^

    { }

    1. Eimear Anne,

      You can plan your next trip to Miri to see this beautiful temple :)


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