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Thursday, 20 March 2014

Send a Postcard to Easter Bunny 2014

In Germany, Easter day is a special holiday for them as they will organize many activities to celebrate and express reverence to sun and the cattle and sheep flocks to desire a good harvest. Example of activities are roll color eggs, pilgrimage in foot, horseback riding and many more that aim to drive away the winter and pay tribute to the sun.

Easter refers to the first full moon after spring equinox on Sunday so if the full moon happens to be the day of Sunday thus Easter is postponed one week.  It means that Easter could be fall on March 22 to April 25 in any one day.

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Through the Postcard Exchange group in Facebook, I know that we can send a letter or postcard to Easter Bunny in Germany. This year, Easter day falls on 20th April so now it still has times to write some letters or postcards to Easter Bunny and the address as below:-

Hanni Hase
Am Waldrand 12
27404 Ostereistedt

1. The male bunny calls Hans while female bunny calls Hanni Hase so you just write the name of bunny that you wish to get a letter return from.

2. Remember to write your address on letter or postcard so that you will receive a return letter from bunny.

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According to the group, normally return letter will be a printed letter with three pieces of cards. Besides that, for children or those write with German will get a handwritten letter in return.

Recently I had sent out a postcard to Hanni Hase. It was my first times to send it and hope that can get a return letter from she soon.


  1. Hope you will get a postcard return soon
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    1. Miss Ika,
      I hope so and you also can try to send it :)


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