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Friday, 16 May 2014

Return Letter from Easter Bunny 2014

In this year, I had tried to send a letter to Easter Bunny for my first time which you can read in here.

25th April 2014

In this day, I had received a return letter from Easter Bunny. Although Easter day had been passed, I still very happy when receive it.

On the envelope, have 2 stamps with Easter Day stamp mark. Through the stamp mark, can saw it stamped in 1st April 2014 so it took around 1 month to arrive at my house.

At the back of envelope, has an illustration of a group of friends such as rabbit, hen, mouse and others busy with Easter day preparation.

Inside of envelope have 2 postcards which have some blank eggs for me to decorate before send out and a card that both sides have an Easter Day illustration.

Besides that, it has a letter that written in German but I did not know what the letter about (*O*)

At last, it also included a letter that written in English (did not know that whether this letter is a translation of previous German letter or not). This letter is about the history of Easter-festival, you can click the picture for an enlarge view. 

In previous post, I stated that I sent a postcard to Easter Bunny in Ostereistedt and “Ostereistedt” village is really existed. The meaning of this name translated in English language is “Easter-egg-village” which I knew through letter.


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