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Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Christmas Cards 2015

Although Christmas falls on December, due to delivery, I still receive Christmas card on January.

This Christmas card sent from Jean. Beside card, she had sent me a “Am I a good people?” brochure. This brochure about if you are a bad people, if you conscious your mistake then anytime you can be a good people.

I had received Christmas card from Factory1611. The Christmas card is so beautiful with a small Christmas stick.

This handmade Christmas sock which made by Ching Ee is so cute. It has a bear inside of the sock.

Su Qian had sent me her Zentangle drawing of Christmas bell. It is so creative. Besides that, she started made her own rubber stamp and you can see her outcome of her name on the paper.

This was my second time exchange Christmas card with Elaine Cheng via Facebook Group. She still remembered me because of my name which is so special.    

This Christmas card is so cute which sent by Stella. It features Winnie and the Pooh.

I had received a Christmas card from Nick. When I saw the Christmas card, I feel familiar because before this I had sent the same Christmas card to my friend.  

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