Monday, 14 March 2016

My Favorite Angpow 2016

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Same as previous years, I share some favorite angpow for the year.

This was my first year to get Parti Gerakan Rakyat’s angpow. On the angpow can saw three races of boys and girls. Besides angpows, I also get a postcard.

This year’s angpow from Ah Jib Gor is very special because has nice packaging compare with previous years.

I like the angpow with cute illustration.

This small angpow is very special because when touch it, you can feel the texture of felt.

The angpow from Alliance Bank has many cute kids on it, seems happy! It was my first time to saw the angpow from Tisserand, brand of essential oils.

This is angpow from Saza Rice so you can saw monkeys with rice.

I like the angpow from BNP Paribas which has beautiful illustration and color.

These gold angpows are very cool!

The angpow design from F&N is always very creative. It has nice packaging.

If I not mistake, this will be my first time to receive angpow packet from Honda. The angpow is simple and nice.

The illustration angpow from Petronas is very beautiful but I just have one of the set.

This year is monkey year so most of the angpow design can see monkey especially monkey king.

Sutera Habour is a resort in Malaysia. Now I just knew that it also has own angpow.

Global Art’s angpow has cute earth to wish you “Happy Chinese New Year”. Although this year is monkey year, I still received other zodiac’s angpow. This horse angpow is from Popular book store.

This series of angpows are featuring stores of the legendary Sun Wu Kong which designed by I’ll Studio.  The angpow envelope beside has angpow, it also has printed 2016 calendar. 

When open all the angpows, you will find surprise in it which as below:-

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