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Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Magic Show 2016

Do you ever watch magic show in real rather than in television?

In February, I had purchased a magic show ticket (RM 20) to watch it. All the profit from ticket selling will contribute to Che Cheng Khor.

27th February 2016

Around 7:00 p.m., I had arrived at the hall. That time, I can saw rehearsal of music band in progress.

Around 7:45 p.m., the magic show begins by speech and souvenir giving for performers.

The first show was singing 3 songs by The Cappuccino. I was surprised to see that little drummer who is 9 years old. The drum is bigger than he. It has 2 drummers take turn in the performances.

The first magic show conducted by Shang Guan. He is a teacher who giving talks or consulting and teaching kids about magic.

He drawn some flowers on a book and the book can turn out some real flowers.  ~ Magic ~

Shang Guan also can turns the pictures of burger and French fries in menu into real food. It is really real food because he had ate them. When you saw the menu again, the picture of burger and French fries will become blank because it had been eaten.

This little magician is the student of Shang Guan. She also knew how to magic. She had given audiences to see the empty paper bag and then she can take out small box from the paper bag.

After performance by little magician, it followed by singing from The Cappuccino. Then, it’s magic show by Shang Guan again. When he was arranged the chair, many of us just think that he may need someone for this magic but we are wrong because the chairs are for big poker cards. Haha..

Another little magician shows her magic. This little magician with previous little magician are sisters. Both of them like magic.

The last magic show performed by Malaysia famous magician, Aaron Pang. He had been awarded in many competitions. I found out that many magicians will have stick and handkerchief for their performance.

I like the interaction between magician with the kid. A boy had been come on the stage and magician asked him to follow what he do. At the show, magician had put handkerchief into the boy’s pocket. Last, when magician took out the handkerchief, beside handkerchief, all of us saw the underwear. Is the underwear from the kid? The magician is naughty. Hehe..

The show followed by another boy. Magician gave tissue to the boy and asked him follow what he do. Magician threw some little pieces from tissue and the boy also tears little pieces from tissue and throw it. Then, magician put the tissue into own mouth and the boy also followed. Magician pull out a long pieces of color tissue from his mouth but the boy cannot do it. The boy seems shocked to see it. All of us were having a laugh.

This time, magician invited a lady for this magic show. He asked lady to take a poker card and sign a complicated signature on the poker card chosen. Then he put the poker card into stack of pokers card and “wash” it. Automatically, the lady’s poker card will in the pocket of magician. Last, magician asked lady to take out the poker card from his pocket.

This time, the card taken out was not the signed poker card then magician took out many pieces of poker cards from his pocket for lady to find whether the card in there. Actually the signed poker card was in the hand of magician.

The table of magician is so cool because it knew how to fly.

Magician had come down from stage and chose my sister to try this flying table. The video as below:-

The magician had given my sister a rainbow balloon which is so beautiful.

The show ended with many confetti flied on the sky with the fan. It is so beautiful!


  1. good future for the little magicians..

    1. Agnes,

      Yup and now they need to practice makes perfect.


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