Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Sibu Swan Statues & Street Art

I just curious that why Sibu is called as “Swan City” so I searched online and found out some information from Wikipedia which as below:-

Between 1999 to 2004, Sibu Municipal Council decided to adopt the swan as a symbol of Sibu to inspire the people to work towards the goal of becoming a city in the future. Sibu is also nicknamed as “Swan City”. This came from a legend where famine in Sibu ended when a flock of swans flew through the skies of Sibu.

There is another story where the Sibu Chinese immigrants regarded Sibu Melanau people as “Go” people because a staple food of Melanau staple food was “Sago”. Coincidentally, “Go” pronunciation is similar to Hokkien pronunciation of “Swan”. 

When come to Sibu, my friends had taken me to see and take picture of swan statues.

These two swans are near with Wisma Sanya. 

The times I went to take picture of this swan, the wind blow and dazzling rain so I just faster took picture of it.

From all the swan statues, this swan statue is my favorite because beside of swan statue has 12 zodiac animals but because of rain was starting fall so I did not have time to take picture each of the zodiac animals.

Street Art

When came out from arrival hall, I can saw the wall art of Sibu with its landmark building.

The first street art which my friend bring me was food murals. The artwork included kompia (foochow unleavened bread cooked over hot burning charcoal), dian bian ngu (a thick soup made of cooked rice paste served with squib, meatballs, black mushroom and golden needles), kampua (foochow dry noodles), pulut panggang (sticky rice), kuih jala (Melanau and Iban net cake) and penyeram ( a Malay sweet cake).

At there was quite difficult to take picture with street art because many motorcycles park at there. All the food is Sibu famous food which you should try of.

In Sibu Central Market, it has another street art at 1st floor which is “Childhood” (in food court). This is also a little bit difficult to take picture with because beside the wall art is table and chair for dining. If you want take picture with this painting, I think either early go there or wait when there are no one eat at there.

Besides that, it has mural of ayam bungkus (chicken tied and wrapped up with newspaper and nylon string).

Before this, I knew that Sibu is famous with ayam bungkus because the way of its pack the chicken is so special. When I saw the ayam bungkus, suddenly I feel sympathy with them because they are lost their freedom whose cannot walk freely. I just curious they wrap until the day they being buy by customer or every end of the day, they will be release and wrap again at the next day if they are not buy by anyone?

If I not mistake, this street art is at the back of “Wang Xi Lou”, a Chinese restaurant. This mural is so cute.

To know the location of the street art, you can refer post of Just Sharing.


  1. never been to Sibu. at least now I have got some idea of it is being called Swan City.

    1. Agnes,

      Next time if go to Sibu, don't forget to take picture with swan :)


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