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Monday, 28 March 2016

The Paramount Hotel Sibu

To attend my friend’s wedding in Sibu, My friend had arranged us stayed in The Paramount Hotel because her wedding banquet held in there.

4th – 6th December 2015

At the first night, we stayed with bride in Paramount Suite. As I also stayed with other jimui or bridesmaids who were my first time met with so I did not capture the photos of suite, feel shy…Haha.. The Paramount Suite is big which has a living room (suitable for Chinese Wedding Door Games).

Near with the receptionist desk has restaurant which can enjoy the meal at there. I have not opportunity to try for the breakfast although I got the breakfast voucher because the first morning was very busy with my friend’s wedding and the next morning, my friend in Sibu took me hunt for food.

The room rate as below:-

Outside of hotel have some restaurants, lounge, barber shop and many more. If you can walk around 15-30 minutes I guess, you can reach for Wisma Sanyan, the tallest building in Sarawak. It is also the shopping mall.

At the next night, we moved to Junior Suite which suitable for 3 persons. The room is big and clean.

The bathroom is quite big with toiletries be prepare by hotel. When we stayed in Paramount Suite, all of us curious that why the water is so cold and did not have water heater. While we stayed in Junior Suite, we just found out that it has water heater switch. Haha..

The room is spacious with sofa, table, makeup table, cupboard, television and many more. The TV channel included TV 1, TV 2, TV 3, Fox Movies, ESPN, Super Sport, NTV7, AEC, Lotus TV and many more.

Inside the small cupboard has a small refrigerator is hidden at there.

Every day, you will receive a local newspaper for your reading.

Through the window can see garden, I think? In the evening, I can saw many people walk around or jog. When I stayed in Paramount Suite, I heard other friend complaint about they can listen noisy in the room but in this suite, I did not heard anything.  When moved in Junior Suite, I can hear someone sing Karaoke at night.

The Paramount Hotel Sibu
No. 3, Lorong 9A, Jalan Kampung Dato,
96000 Sibu, Sarawak.
Tel: 6 084 331122
Website: Paramount Sibu

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