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Monday, 21 March 2016

Sibu Food 2015

When at wedding banquet, the host told that if you had been eating these three foods then you can say that you already come to Sibu. The three types of food as below:-

Kampua noodle- noodle tossed in pork lard or vegetable oil, fried shallots, spring onions and sometimes soy sauce and/or chili sauce.

Dian Mian Hu- a savory soup with soft rice cake is available at several stalls as a hefty breakfast or a late night supper. It is often served with fish balls and squid.

Kompia- a Foochow delicacy made with flour, baked in an oven and eaten either with or without meat and gravy. 

I can tell everyone that I had been went to Sibu because my friends had taken me to try for these food. Haha..

At the first night in Sibu, my friend had brought me to The Noodle House to enjoy the dinner. This café is famous with crepe.

I had ordered for chicken herbal soup rice because I like to drink soup. It was quite few days that I did not drink my mum’s soup, so miss with mum soup. Hehe..

After dinner, we went to Taman Selera Muhibah Food Court to enjoy fruits shaved ice. The thing I dislike with the fruits shaved ice is watermelon because it has seeds.

At the last day in Sibu, my friends had taken me to hunt for food. Our first stop was eating Dian Mian Hu but due to many people at there so we went around first and came back again. Then my friend stopped at Meng Sheng Kee Confectionery to buy Kompia.

This was not my first time to eat Kompia because I had been tried in Kuching few years ago. I like Kompia very much.

Chop Hing Huong is a famous kopitiam which sell Dian Mian Hu and I always saw it on TV. Finally I can come here to try for it. It taste good and I like it served with squid and fish balls.

I had tried Kampua noodle in Rasa Sayang Café. This was also not my first time to eat Kampua noodle because before this I tried in Kuching. When at here, all of us were full so I shared Kampua noodle with friend.

I was quite surprised when my friend took me to Bataras Food Court because in Labuan also has Bataras but it is not a food court, it is just a grocery shop. My friend who work in government office quite often come here to search for lunch so he bring us to here.

Inside the food court has many choices of food but because of the time we go was not so suitable so most of the stalls were closed. I tried for bean sprout kwetiau. The taste is good.

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