Monday, 7 March 2016

A Geek in Korea: Discovering Asian’s New Kingdom of Cool by Daniel Tudor

I did not travel to Korea yet so I have no idea about the culture, places and others regarding Korea. Through the reading, I have some basic idea about Korea.

This book is very informative because it talks about life, movie, work, food and many more about Korea. Beside that this book is full of pictures which make it attractive.

Let me share interesting facts that I get from the book which as below:-

With a pretty face in Korea will easily for you to get a job so many female candidates will go for plastic surgery in order get a better job.

It has etiquette of exchange business card in Korea such as give and receives business card with two hands. When receive the business card, you should take a lengthy look at it instead of direct put into your pocket.

Author had suggested some best Korean music which a below:-

Third Line Butterfly- They blends aggressive, grungy guitar meltdowns with sweet melodies and a healthy dollop of experimentalism.

Idiotape- Two knob-twiddlers and one powerful drummer make Idiotape an extraordinary live act at festivals and clubs alike.

Yamagata Tweakster- Author cannot decide whether this guy is a performance artist, a musician or a situationist joker. He shows up on public streets dressed in outlandish clothes and uses a radio mic, enabling him to go up to strangers and dance with them.

I just knew that in Korea has plastic surgery museum. Next time if have chance I would like to pay a visit.

For more interesting facts, try look for this book.

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