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Thursday, 3 March 2016

For Nepal with Love Postcards

In February 2016, I saw a post from Kenny in Facebook regarding [For Nepal with Love] postcards which as below:-

Ever since earthquake in Nepal, I’ve wanted to do this for a long time. Although it’s been awhile since the tragedy, they still need our help, especially those in rural places where help is far from reach. Through selling these postcards, I hope that my photos will show everyone the beauty of Nepal and inspire others to travel in this amazing country. Tourism blooming in their country will do more help than donations.

After read of this post, I decided to buy some postcards as to support Kenny and Nepal. I also hope that the economic in Nepal will become better than before. All the sales profits of the postcards will be donated to Nepal Relief Fund.

27th February 2016

Kenny promised all the postcards will post out after Chinese New Year. In this Saturday, I had received postcard sets from postman. Beside 3 sets of postcards, I got 4 stickers of Guitou Studio. Kenny’s works can be finding in Guitou Studio.

I found out that on the packaging of 3 sets of postcards has Nepali (language of Nepal). I only knew that “Namaste” is greeting while I tried finding out the meaning of other two.

Dhanyabad= Thank you
Subhakamana= Best wish

The views on every postcard are very beautiful. I like the photos taken by Kenny, how I wish I also have this skill. Hehe..

When purchased postcards, I had asked Kenny to write something on the postcard for my collection while the other postcards, I will send out.

To see the closer view of postcard, you can click the post of “Wordless Wednesday: For Nepal with Love” to see it.

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