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Friday, 11 March 2016

Angpow Packets from Mei Yun

Mei Yun and I are angpow collectors. Every year, we will send some angpows to each other for collection. Last year, Mei Yun was so busy so she did not have time to send me some angpows. In February, she had sent me some angpows.

Mei Yun had drawing and coloring Chinese New Year wish to me. It is hot balloon theme, nice!

Goat year angpows are so cute!

Orange color angpow is from Tenaga Nasional (electricity department), now I just knew that they also had come out with angpow.

The advantage of exchange angpow is you can get the angpow from other states. Except the first angpow, these two angpows are from Supermas, Terengganu.

Koi fish also can be seen on angpow packet because it has good symbolism.

Beside koi fish, plum flower also popular on angpow packet.


  1. I am an angpow collector too but haven't got the time to sort them out yet.

    1. Agnes,

      I also did not sort out my angpow yet because it really takes time to do it. I just have time to take picture for current angpow and write a post for it.


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