Monday, 29 February 2016

Chinese New Year 2016: Monkey Cards DIY

This year, I continued to handmade Chinese New Year cards to my friends. This was my first time to try for blowing Chinese ink. First I put a drop of Chinese ink on the white paper and started blow it to become plum tree. Blowing seems easy but when you blow for around 24 pieces of papers then you will feel faint because lack of oxygen. Haha..Then need for a rest.  

As the quantity of Chinese ink drop, blow power and blow direction will influence the outcome of plum tree therefore each plum tree is different.

After wait for ink of plum tree dry then I started to use cotton swab to dot some red color ink on the plum tree to make it like plum flower.

I quite enjoy in dotting the plum flower because it is super easy.

As the white paper is so thin so I paste the white paper on a card so that it won’t worn-out easy.

I am not talent in drawing so I searched for monkey stickers but it was quite difficult to find such stickers. Lastly I used monkey red packet as sticker because it has many choices plus so cute.

After paste the monkey and write some words on the paper, I found out that the card is quite blank so I paste some butterflies on it so that look attractive.

The outcome of my monkey cards at the end of the post and all of them are very unique. This drawing was from my monkey postcard competition. As I did not win for it so I use it send to my friend with her husband.  

On the envelope, I would like to draw monkey fingerprint so I had tried drawn some on the paper. Look at my monkey, I did not know whether I draw monkey or mouse because they are alike. Now I just knew that monkey and mouse looks the same. Haha..

Beside monkey fingerprint, I also cut some pictures from red packet as decoration on envelopes.

This year is Monkey year so I want to paste some monkey stamps (released on 25th January) on the envelopes before send out. After the staff weighted my envelope, the stamp within Malaysia is RM 0.80, to Washington is RM 6.80 (beside card has some gifts) and China with Taiwan are RM 1.40.

My monkey cards (*o*)


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