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Kuching & Sibu Trips 2015 in Random

Because of attending my friend’s wedding, I had opportunity travel to Kuching and Sibu in December.

Picture credited to HK

Fly with Malaysia Airlines (MAS)

In this trip, I was using MAS flight flied from Kota Kinabalu to Kuching to Sibu to Labuan. All the ticket price was considering cheaper except the return ticket which cost me around RM 300++ per way. When I backed, it has transit in Miri for a while and the flight delayed half an hour.

2nd – 4th December (Kuching)

This was not my first time to Kuching because my last visit was in year 2013. When I was arrived Kuching, my friend who fetched me told me that another University friend (Winnie) also came to Kuching so we took my Uni friend to search for cat statues in town.

When bought for Kek Lapis, I had spotted a street art which near with waterfront there.

In airport, when I saw the wall art, I thought it for message place. When I saw clearly, it is a toilet. Hehe..

At the back of the toilet door has a paper which show different message. The second toilet which I went into, the message as below:-

Picture credit to Google Image

4th – 6th December (Sibu)

When in airport, I had seen free copy of “Borneo Talk” so I grab a copy to read it. Inside of this magazine is about the current happenings and events in Sarawak. You can get it at any other collection point in Sarawak.

On 5th December which was my friend’s wedding day. Early of the morning, we (jimui or bridesmaids) need to prepare ourselves and wait for groom and hengdai or groomsmen come to play the wedding door game.  After that we went to church. Last we went to groom’s house for tea ceremony.

At the same night, after wedding banquet, my friends in Sibu had brought us to sing Karaoke until the shop closed which around 1:00 a.m. After that we backed to hotel. At the next morning, they bring us to hunt for food and see around.

Tua Pek Kong Temple

Tua Pek Kong Temple is an icon of the town with its 7-storey pagoda. It is also known as Sibu Eng Ann Teng Tua Pek Kong Temple.

Beside the temple have some ferry which can bring you to Kapit and some places in Sarawak.

Corridor Chuang

Near with Corridor Chuang has Lembaga Pelabuhan Rajang or Port Authority. My friend told me that must take picture with this Authority because the design of the building likes a ship.

Wisma Sanyan

Wisma Sanyan is the tallest building in the state of Sarawak, Malaysia. Opened in 2001, the building serves many purposes, amongst them shopping mall, restaurant, hotel and offices. It is the headquarters of Sanyan Group which is one of Sarawak’s largest timber companies.

Wisma Sanyan is near with Swan statue so when go there, don’t forget to take picture with Swan statue. One of jimui had told me that they plan to see the whole view of Sibu at the top of Wisma Sanyan but due to the maintenance of lift, they did not have chance to see the view. 

Sibu Heritage Centre

Sibu Heritage Centre housed in the former Sibu Municipal Council building, displays the rich cultural heritage of the various ethnic groups of the Central Region.

I did not go into Sibu Heritage Centre to take a look but I just quickly took a picture with the “word”. My friend told me that inside of it can buy some souvenir.

Jade Dragon Temple

The Yu Lung San Tien En Si a.k.a Jade Dragon Temple at the Sibu-Bintulu Road is believed to be the largest temple complex not only in Malaysia but believed to be in South East Asia as well. It is a religious place for Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism and is known for bringing all 3 different forms of practice under one roof.

Before went to airport, my friends had bring me to Jade Dragon Temple, the biggest temple in Malaysia. Not many people go here, I think maybe it is so far away from town.

The temple is so big and the times I went there, I can saw that some construction are going so I think if next time I come again, this temple definitely will have some new building.

I like the stage very much because the wall paintings are so beautiful. This reminds me of the Peking Opera which saw from TV.

When searched for information about Sibu, I found out some interesting places which can be going if I have chance to go Sibu again. 

Lau King Howe Memorial Museum (1st and the only medical museum in Malaysia)
Sibu Night Market

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