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Thursday, 10 March 2016

Exchange Postcards with Postcards of Friendship Fan Page

Beside exchange postcard in Postcrossing and Facebook Group, sometimes I also exchanged with Facebook Fan Page.

Facebook Fan Page “Postcards of Friendship” open for exchange postcard activity. The mission is to let happiness anywhere in the world by postcards. This Fan Page managed by 2 girls who are Gemma Lei and Candy. Both of them like to exchange postcards around the world.

I sent 2 postcards to them which I got from “The Gift of Love”.  To know the address of Gemma and Candy, click here. Remember to include own address on postcard in order to get reply from them.

After some weeks, I had received postcards from Gemma (Korea) and Candy (Taiwan) safety.

Candy told me that I am the first people to exchange postcard with she.

Before this I had been exchanged postcard with Gemma so she still remember me although it quite sometimes I did not send postcard to her. She said that Daegu did not have own postcard so she sent me Seoul postcard. Now she is studying in a University in Daegu.

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