Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Chap Goh Mei 2016

22nd February 2016

In this year, I just managed saw the worship offerings or food decoration at one station because around 7.30 p.m., I need followed my family to Che Cheng Khor. As I knew that I will not have time to see two stations so I plan visit the station first before went for dinner.

Around 6.45 p.m., I had arrived one of the stations. That time, they just started put the food on the table and the cakes were still in the boxes. Therefore, I went away with little disappointed.

On the way to family gathering, I also stopped at one station. The preparation for this station still in progress which finished around 60%. I also went away because did not want to disturb them.  

After dinner, chit chats and took pictures with relatives and cousins (before went to De Jiao Hui), I went to nearest station again.

Same as before, worship offerings such as beans, sweets, mee sua and many more will display on the table.

This year is monkey year so can saw a monkey doll on a pig. I just wonder that why need to put some food into the mouth of pig? Hehe..

This is monkey cake with little cupcakes and much money. I like the design on the cupcakes which is so beautiful.

It has 12 Chinese Zodiac animals cakes.  The hen is like sally in LINE. When I saw the dragon cake, I feel something wrong but I was not sure about it, perhaps the color?

The time I went to there still did not full of people so I can freely to take some pictures.

Beside of the station has a food and drink stalls which you can buy at there when you feel thirsty or hungry.

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