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Thursday, 19 March 2015

My Favorite Angpow 2015

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After Chap Goh Mei, it’s time to open angpows to count the money. After opened angpows, it’s time for me to add on new angpows into my angpow collection. At this post, share with you my favorite angpow for the year.

I like cute angpows like has some bears, kitty and so on.

As this year, the Nissan’s contest quite hard for me as need tag for many friends in Facebook so I did not join for it. As did not join for the contest so I think that I will not get any Nissan angpow for this year. Who know? My aunt had given Nissan angpow for me and my sister so I had 3 designs of Nissan angpows. The illustration of Nissan angpow is so beautiful. 

Bottles of Pop mineral water were arranged as fire crackers, it was so creative!!!

By seeing the words on angpow, do you know that this angpow from Sport Toto. You can spot the word of “Toto” in this Chinese idiom. This angpow has doodle for lion and dragon dances.

These 4 angpows from DoDo Seafood Treats, it has 4 colors of angpows. The design of each angpows are very nice especially the goat.

These 2 angpows are my prizes from Facebook contest. The illustrations of these 2 angpows are cute (left angpow) and funny (right angpow).

First time I received hand drawing angpow which was special and limited edition. 

This small angpow sent from my postcard friend which has the map picture of Taiwan.

The angpows from Forefront are so beautiful with different patterns and color of goat. 

The angpow from Zenne is so creative with cute goat. If the goat did not have horn, it more looks like dog. Haha.. After you open the angpow, you will see the greeting.

This angpow is at horizontal and you just see some words on the angpow..but…When you open it, you will see the ship. Wow..

This angpow has the picture of lion and you can play around with this lion when you shake it, the lion move up and down like lion dance.

When visit my friend’s house during Chinese New Year, my friend had gave me the angpow of Skin Food. You might be curious that why Chinese New Year angpow has angel? Haha.. because angel is the logo of Skin Food. That why the angpow has many angels. 

This is our prime minister’s angpow which has his cute picture and goat.

My friend knew I am angpow collector so she had sent these cute Tao Kae Noi angpows to me.

These 6 angpows’ has similar, do you spot it? All of them (words) have the circle to replace the Chinese words of “”.

The “Meh Meh..” goat angpows with 3 different designs are so cute and colorful.

Besides the cute illustration, the Chinese word also so cute like it made the Chinese words sound like Friday but actual Chinese words did not same sound as Friday.

Cheongsam angpows are so beautiful with pretty colors. Besides Chinese New Year, I think this angpow also suitable for wedding angpow. When you open the Cheongsam angpow, it will looks like this (as above).

These 3 angpows are very creative and beautiful. Have a close view first, you will see the Koi is with colorful body. Actually the colorful body come from a flower paper. 

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