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Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Siam Discovery: Madame Tussauds: Step by Step to Make Your Own Wax Hand

As our ticket include a free wax hand so we had went to waxing counter to experience for make our own wax hand.

My couple friends done for their wax couple hands first and followed by another friend who done for wax single hand and me will be the last one. During the process, I had took picture of it and hope you will not faint when read and see the photo as first I take a photo of couple hands then you will see the single hand be explain in the process, don’t worry as both hands are be explain with in sequence process but represent with different hand.

The reason that you will see the process of wax hand will come with couple hand and single hand as first I captured picture for couple hands but due to couple hands look complicated that took more time in pasting the wax so I move to another friend that doing single hand.

Before waxing, you can choose to have wax of single hand or two hands (couple). After that, you need to choose for the hand style that you wish to present such as Yeah, Good and so on.

First, your hand will put in cold water first.

Then, your hand will be apply with some lotion so that you will not get burn when put your hand into hot water. The lotion is smell good.

At this time, you need to shape out the hand style that you want and your hand will be put into a hot water that has 65 Celsius. Don’t be scared of the hot water as the staff will guide for you.

When your hand comes out from water, you will see some white wax on your hand.

Then will follow by cold water and hot water so that the wax on hand was thick.

During your hand dip into cold and hot water, you cannot move your hand as if you move your hand then the wax will be broken.

When the wax on your hand was ready then the staff will cut some line on the wax so that you can move out your hand by slowly.

After take out your hand from the wax, the staff will start paste some wax on the line that just now had cut out by put your wax hand in cold and hot water by turn.

After that, the staff will wipe the wax hand by using fabric to make it dry.

Then the staff will ask you what color that you want on your wax hand. My friends and I had choose for skin color as we cannot accept our wax hand in other color. Then the staff will color your wax hand according to your choice of color.

During coloring, the staff will asked you to choose for wax hand base such as star, love, circle and so on. The love base will more suitable for wax couple hand as it is big.

Then they will put the wax color hand on the base.

After that, they will color for the wax hand base that same with your wax hand.

After done with the wax hand, the staff will help you to wrap your wax hand nicely in a box and you can bring it home.

Above are the whole steps to do a wax hand. Now is my wax hand and I choosing to pose my hand with number two or yeah pose. I just manage to take picture of my own wax hand when the staff helped me to paste it.

During my friends doing for her wax hand, many school kids curious and take a look with the wax hand process for a while as after few minutes, they had been asked by their teacher to queue up.

For those who interested with wax hand, I did not recommend you to do it as the wax hand will melt or broken in hot weather like Malaysia. As now my wax hand already had been throwing to dustbin. If you really want a wax hand, make sure you put it in a fridge or in a room with cold temperate. If not, you just waste the money to do it.

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