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Saturday, 14 March 2015

DIY Goat Year Angpow Packets (Part 2)

After done for the decoration on red packet, now what I put inside red packet? Money? No…Haha

When I shopped at Supermarket’s Stationery Department, I had seen this Money Cheque Book. When I opened it, content of this cheque book is different with the normal cheque book as it can write some message on it. It was so special so I bought it.

I was so kind that every friend who receives this red packet will get a cheque of RM 8,888.88. Haha.. It was so fun in write this cheque.

After done with content of red packet, let’s move to envelope as I put red packet into envelope and send out.

I use these doodles as my reference when I draw some doodles on the envelope so that the envelope looks cheerful.

At the back of envelope, I had stamped with my personalize rubber stamp. Besides that, I had paste my own address beside my stamp so that if the address of my friend is wrong the letter can send back to me.

At the front of envelope, I used alphabet stamp for my friends’ name instead of write with pen. 

Last, after reading the part 1 of my post, you may curious what the outcome of my red packet. Haha..

Below are limited editions of J-Mei Goat Year Red Packet:-



  1. 哈哈哈哈!88888.88 =)

    1. 美云,
      先告诉你吧。。我也有把我自制的红包封及其他的红包封一起寄给你哦,希望你会喜欢 (*o*)


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