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Sunday, 23 March 2014

My Favorite Angpow 2014


As this year is horse year so I had received many types of horse angpows but in this post, I just share my favorite angpows with you.

Winnie the Pooh – Rilakkuma – Fox (阿狸)
First this is the cartoon version angpow that given by my relative. As two of my sisters did not collect angpow so I had asked for them to give me their angpow so that I have different cartoon character of angpow. 

Last year, Minion was one of the hit topics to be talk and collect. Until I received this angpow, then I know that Minion also has its printed angpow too. Ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-nana

This is a cute illustration angpow that has a cute boy with a horse. 

When you touch the horse on this angpow, you can feel the texture of that part of angpow which is not just a piece of paper but some like 3D effect.

This is a puzzle colorful horse angpow that from Bank Rakyat. As you can see, four of chopsticks are co-operation to solve out the missing puzzle.

This angpow is so cute that has a boy take lantern with firecracker. Usually this type of angpow can be find at shop for selling purpose but normally I will not buy it unless giving by someone during Chinese New Year :P

Previous year, I did not get any angpow from Ah Jib Gor as all the angpow had been finished when my sister help me to register it. Ah Jib Gor means "Brother Najib" in Chinese (Najib Razak is Malaysia's Prime Minister). This year, finally I had the angpow with a picture of Ah Jib Gor and a horse. Maybe they had been increasing the number of angpows that giveaway.

This is the angpows that I get from Forefront.  It has 2 types of colors which are red and brown. The red angpows had been used up by my mother to give angpow to relatives as this angpow is not suitable for reuse in next year as this angpow has the word of horse. It is weird when you receive angpow is not in red color so my mum did not use the brown color of angpow and I still has some in my there. 

This is a simple spring illustration angpow that looks nice with its design and color.

At last, end up this post with my most favorite angpow that I get from Nissan.  I was so happy to receive Nissan angpow as I like the illustration of those angpows very much. In last year, I had miss out the angpow giveaway by Nissan and luckily that in this year I had won from the angpow giveaway. Hope that by next year I can continuous get the Nissan angpow.

Inside of this big angpow have 5 different designs of illustration angpow. Four of angpows can create a picture by combining front and back of angpow together, so creative!


  1. 你连红包都有收集? 我以前有收,但现在都直接拿去环保了!!! =]

    1. 小影,


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